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Your favorite cheap cigar....
herfsnipe Offline
#1 Posted:
Joined: 07-28-2004
Posts: 3,315
We would all like to say we smoke nothing but the best, and for some on this board, that's the case. But for others like me, I try to stay around $1.50 a stick or so. What's your favorite cheap smoke?

I like CUSANO M1. Also, 5 Vegas and like today, I had a Cuban Sandwich.

What's your favorite for around a buck?
03screw Offline
#2 Posted:
Joined: 11-06-2004
Posts: 2,428
Cu-Avana Maduro, PUNCH rothschild, 5 Vegas... but the prices have been soaring on them lately especially after the release of the Gold series.
03screw Offline
#3 Posted:
Joined: 11-06-2004
Posts: 2,428
Oh yeah, almost forgot the Sherpa, for some reason I really like them??
CWFoster Offline
#4 Posted:
Joined: 12-12-2003
Posts: 5,414
many turn their noses up at them, but I'm partial to Professor Silas Sumatras. Also for a milder gar, the Sherpas are good, especially the Mystics, but they are pricey for the "cheap gar" category, but not by much! Morro Castles aren't bad, Cu Avana Maduros are a nice daily type of smoke. I also reach for a Sacuba when I don't want a "romp 'em stomp 'em" gar. Hit the samplers for mid-range, and premium gars, and try some of the cheap boxes/bundles, but be aware that many of the cheap boxes and bundles are cheap for a reason. A Bad Frog is a Bad Frog! If you if you go up to $4.50 a stick, Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatras are the only Hoyos I care for, but beware, they have better flavor, but are at least as strong as the infamous Joya de Nicaragua 1970 AntaƱo. Enjoy trying new things out! The dog rockets you get are good to give to your poker buddies who smoke half a gar and stub it out like a cigarette.
dz130 Offline
#5 Posted:
Joined: 08-22-2003
Posts: 781
Padron Fumas

BMW Offline
#6 Posted:
Joined: 10-21-2000
Posts: 3,010
Padron Delicias maduro.

DiceMan Offline
#7 Posted:
Joined: 11-22-2003
Posts: 251
Opus X
blackfoot11 Offline
#8 Posted:
Joined: 02-11-2004
Posts: 9,590
morro castles ain't bad, cu avana maddies, "mistakes" torpedo, and some others i ain't gonna name to help keep prices lo.

andytv Offline
#9 Posted:
Joined: 10-23-2002
Posts: 40,988
I like the Torano Dominican; but it needs accompaniment,like a cup of coffee loaded with irish cream and brandy.
dice7711 Offline
#10 Posted:
Joined: 01-06-2005
Posts: 293
Mayorga maduro torps and robustos. Great smoke for the money IMHO. Also Onyx mini belicoso
chuckler Offline
#11 Posted:
Joined: 08-14-2003
Posts: 4,238
Life is to short to smoke cheap cigars...

PT ;-)
stogiepa Offline
#12 Posted:
Joined: 12-21-2004
Posts: 612
" Mr.B's"

Right Jimmy..........................................
ACRedbeard Offline
#13 Posted:
Joined: 10-05-2004
Posts: 47
Well for cheap my daily go to is the Tierra del Sol's that just came out by Predomo. Getting em for less than a buck. The robusto in reg. or mad and the Torpedo in maduro are very good smokes.
Slimboli Offline
#14 Posted:
Joined: 07-09-2000
Posts: 16,138
La Floidita Belicoso Maduro ....
andytv Offline
#15 Posted:
Joined: 10-23-2002
Posts: 40,988
2nd Slim......thats a pretty good smoke.
LaVieja Offline
#16 Posted:
Joined: 12-08-2004
Posts: 53
well of course....LA VIEJA HABANA....
Hoss Offline
#17 Posted:
Joined: 07-26-2004
Posts: 238
"Life is to short to smoke cheap cigars... "

Of course it is. By the way... Do you have any grey Poupon?
jetblasted Offline
#18 Posted:
Joined: 08-30-2004
Posts: 42,507
Padron Delicias , Leather Patch, Mistakes Torpedo, Punch Rothschilds are all good ones that are in my regular rotation ... And, CWFoster, it is good to see that I am not the only one who gets bugged when I see someone who smokes half a cigar and stub it out like a cigarette ... That irks me.
StogeeBoy Offline
#19 Posted:
Joined: 07-09-2002
Posts: 2,169
Completely agree with slim on this one, oh and Principles, Sacuba, Perdomo Mistakes, sherpa, padron fumas, morro maduro, and cu avano maduros. Yes I'm a cheap SOB LOL.
dapperdan Offline
#20 Posted:
Joined: 08-18-2004
Posts: 2,847
Cohiba Sublimes Edicion Limitada
pabloescabar Offline
#21 Posted:
Joined: 02-25-2005
Posts: 30,183
Torano tribute 03's...
dapperdan Offline
#22 Posted:
Joined: 08-18-2004
Posts: 2,847
I keep tryin to go have a smoke and you guys wont let me! Now it's back to the Torano 03 or 04 Maduro or non? Come on Pablo I wish you were here to help me decide.
pabloescabar Offline
#23 Posted:
Joined: 02-25-2005
Posts: 30,183
03 my man, aloha...
jackconrad Offline
#24 Posted:
Joined: 06-09-2003
Posts: 67,461
La Floridita and Occidental reserve double maduro
Gargamel Offline
#25 Posted:
Joined: 11-08-2004
Posts: 144
ryantp Offline
#26 Posted:
Joined: 11-23-2009
Posts: 4,567
none of these will be as cheap now.

cayman2b Offline
#27 Posted:
Joined: 05-19-2000
Posts: 1,734
La Rosa Especial Mi Favorita maduro

berddog Offline
#28 Posted:
Joined: 12-24-2004
Posts: 99
roly by rolando reyes sr. seconds for puros indios, available in colorado or maduro. the maduro is a little on the light shaded side but both are very good.

el credito by ernesto carillo (not the aprentice seconds). maduro's are excellent.

national brand maduro. they are on the mild side but an excellent smoke for the price.
Slimboli Offline
#29 Posted:
Joined: 07-09-2000
Posts: 16,138
Oh yes, ryanpederson ...

If you know where to get them, the La Floridita Belicoso are 'on sale now' for $19.95 a bundle ... ;^)
stogiepa Offline
#30 Posted:
Joined: 12-21-2004
Posts: 612
^ Sorry for this Slim...ryanpederson.........
I know....if interested...stogiepa at verizon dot net
chipslave Offline
#31 Posted:
Joined: 06-19-2003
Posts: 3,145
Good call Slim...

just gotta know how to use the 'ol Google to find that bargain.

Those look yummy!
18delta Offline
#32 Posted:
Joined: 09-18-2004
Posts: 3,235
i like torano 1916 cammies.....sometimes you can pick them up for as litle as $60.00 a box......
tank71663 Offline
#33 Posted:
Joined: 07-04-2004
Posts: 4,178
without a doubt, what 18delta said....also Nestor Res.
TrannyMk Offline
#34 Posted:
Joined: 12-12-2004
Posts: 3,559
Perdomo overruns or fresh rolled wheels...
8trackdisco Offline
#35 Posted:
Joined: 11-06-2004
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Super Premium 2nds. Offline
#36 Posted:
Joined: 06-13-2003
Posts: 82
I used to work for a guy in the late 70's named Charles Tandy. Some may know im as the Father of Radio Shack. He started the Tandy Leather Company and then bought RS cheap. He turned it into the megalith it is now, with over 9000 locations worldwide. I attended many meetings where he told us that he was a simple man and he bought used cars, mostly big Buicks, and smoked 30 cent cigars. I wish I knew which ones.
havanaone Offline
#37 Posted:
Joined: 11-24-2004
Posts: 5,464
#2double creamy corona by Don Ki Ki Red Label,J.L.Salazar Hermanos is my 2nd for about2.80 a stick plus a wide variety of gars bought on CBID.
fpaternostro Offline
#38 Posted:
Joined: 09-25-2004
Posts: 968
I think someone already listed it, but the Occidental Reserve Double Maduro. I just finished smoking one from a five pack I picked up at my local the other day for $18. Very good cigar for the money!
Charlie Offline
#39 Posted:
Joined: 06-16-2002
Posts: 39,751
Tierra del Sol by Perdomo!!! Lusitana by Perdomo!

Sfraun04 Offline
#40 Posted:
Joined: 12-13-2004
Posts: 8,790
My NY local had a cigar called M&R. See if you can find them. Natural wrapper, medium-bodied with background spice. Overall flavors are subtle, but for some reason it's so enjoyable. I would have to smoke one again to give a better description. Anyway, see if you can find them.
ryantp Offline
#41 Posted:
Joined: 11-23-2009
Posts: 4,567
slim: i know where to get 'em. ;)

had one today!
mydsooner Offline
#42 Posted:
Joined: 12-29-2003
Posts: 3,245
Why do we need to tell everyone where to find the La Floridita's? Why cant we just keep them for ourselves?

Way to go Slim! I know all about sharing the love of the leaf...blah,blah,blah...but come on now!

By the way my input for this would have to be Occidental Sungrowns. 2.00 to 2.50 a stick. One of the top sungrowns around i promise ya.
CWFoster Offline
#43 Posted:
Joined: 12-12-2003
Posts: 5,414
Torano tribute 03's...

Pablo, this was about CHEAP cigars!
CWFoster Offline
#44 Posted:
Joined: 12-12-2003
Posts: 5,414
Thanks Charlie, I forgot to mention the Lusitanias, and I forgot the La Floriditas too!

If they're on sale,...
osage Offline
#45 Posted:
Joined: 02-18-2001
Posts: 492
I don't know where you are shopping, but my cigar store doesn't carry $1.50 sticks. At this point anything less than $4.00 is considered cheap. Oliva has some around $3.50 to $4.50 and Gran Habanos has some at $4.50. I would imagine for a $1.50 you might want to try Walgreens.
Que Offline
#46 Posted:
Joined: 12-01-2004
Posts: 612
I like the cigar by perdomo torpedo.

Homebrew Offline
#47 Posted:
Joined: 02-11-2003
Posts: 11,771
Good Choice Que,
IMHO Perdomo makes a great cigar, in "The Cigar" line. I also enjoy the freshrolled, especially when either have an extra year or so in the humi. Really, I can't think of a Perdomo I've tried, that I didn't like, though with so many different offerings, I'm sure that their is a possability that Nick makes a cigar I don't like. But, I haven't found it yet.
I also enjoy most of the Indian Tabac line, with a possible excepting of the natural classics, but then I favor maduros and cameroon wrappers. For a few cents more the Super Fuerte Maddies are great smokes, as always better with a year or better aging.
Dave (A.K.A. Homebrew)
cjmkcm Offline
#48 Posted:
Joined: 05-07-2004
Posts: 320
Jose Girbes Reserve
John hay Cigars Offline
#49 Posted:
Joined: 10-21-2004
Posts: 4,501
Chief, I know of a good 30 cent cigar. It is called Blue Ribbon. I don't know how they do it but not bad at all. Has a dipped tip. Corona size. Made and sold in the York County area, in PA.
crptman Offline
#50 Posted:
Joined: 01-18-2005
Posts: 73
It's nice to know that we can admit to smoking,(most of us anyway) cheap cigars from time to time. After a ton of beers and 3 cigars, that 4th kind of tastes like "smoke" to me anyway!!
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