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Trump Declares "Climate Change" Cured...
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elRopo wrote:
I would favor free abortions for all but, only if they make it retroactive.whip

"Jane you magnificently ignorant slut! Had I been around when you were conceived, not only would I have condoned abortions, I would have performed it myself."----Dan Aykroyd

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elRopo wrote:
They're mining coal in So. Texas now.

More jobs for the illegals.....
I should open a "gun & knife" bar nearby?
If we can't get rid of them we should at least make a profit.

Of cource here in Texas, we have been making solid profits off of the Undocumented Workers (the term "illegals" is not very pro-buisness) for decades. That's why we only deport someone if there is a real problem - and just to keep the rest of them inline.

In the state legislature last year, someone floated the idea that instead of deporting them, we sentence them to thirty years hard labor. But then it dawned on them that we were kind of already doing that.....
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My Mexican got greedy... he decided he was worth 22 bucks an hour when I had been paying him about 12... I haven't called him in a while now... Mellow
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