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Confused identity
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No, not sexual.Shame on you Lot identities. There have been a few lots lately, probably more than I have actually seen, where the title of the lot didn't match either the description or the photo or both. The first one I saw was in the merchandise section and was titled as being a box of cigars, 3 available, but the number of cigars per box wasn't in the description. This was back right after cbid hit the fan and a query to CS went unanswered. I kept following it and the bidding got up to $15 or so. A day or so before the auction ended the picture and description changed to a smoke eater candle, catalog price $5. Had to three disappointed guys.

There's one that opened today entitled Torano but the photo and description are of a Gurkha. I'm wondering if anybody in the forum has had any experience winning one of these auctions and, if so, what were the results.

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During the G.S.A. auctions I managed to snag a box of dunhill heritage for $15 that was listed with a photo of Don Rapheal.
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Which bathroom toilet do you flush the Gurkha down? Is that the question?
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Same one as the torano... no difference really...
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I dunno... there were definitely some toranos I used to smoke...and like
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I smoked a pretty good Gurkha once ... good enough that I ordered more of that particular cigar ... among those I bought, a few others were decent smokes, but it was rather a low percentage of the total ...

Toraño, on the other hand, has produced many truly wonderful cigars, some of which have been personal favorites, but the quality has declined in recent years ...
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