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Has anyone had any experiences with the Reckoning by Studio Tobac?
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But I almost pulled the trigger a while back, and remember doing some research back then, and I came away with this advice:
Stick with the Robusto.
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rcfl wrote:
Has anyone had any experiences with the Reckoning by Studio Tobac?

I bought a few dirt cheap and found them to be a quality yardgar.
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Reckoning was a great album, dude...

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Almost smoked a Nub size one today, maybe tomorrow.
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I smoked a nub I got in a grab bag once. Wasn't as bad as some I had got, but wasn't rememberable enough for me to want to buy more. If you get them for a dollar a stick I would get them.
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Why would you pay a dollar for a stick? I got plenty out back I'll sell em to you for 50 cents a piece...
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