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oliva v double robusto
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for those who are a fan of that stick

fo dolla make ya holla
deals may only last a day
oh mothership where art thou

sorry, just the ramblings of a mad man
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These same boxes were offered about 2 months ago on a certain discount site (that I won't name) with free shipping included, and on top of that discount price I applied a certain additional discount promo code, and ended up paying $85/box out-the-door, for several boxes.

So $100/box plus more for shipping ($6 minimum if I remember right) doesn't motivate me to buy more. :)
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I didn't buy any but with the prices generally up here I figured someone might be interested

Gummy is always looking to help
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I wish they sold boxes of just the smaller diadema from the sampler... if they did, I would buy them.
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