Due to the recent hurricanes, some areas of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina may be delayed. Pick-up and deliveries in Puerto Rico have been suspended.

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Another day
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and another purchase from a different site, sigh. A great deal - CAO La Traviata (N.O.S.) for 1.98 per stick including shipping - but wish there were deals that good here.

Going to try to make a side trip to the superstore next week if I can get away from my conferences. Not that I expect great answers but still going to query as to why, if the official line is true and current orders are "supposedly" caught-up and things shipping normally, then why the limited numbers around here. Yes, if you know who to talk to, they do "Speak Cbid" at the superstore! Also will have a few drinks and a smoke at the bar! :)
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Let us know what you find out.
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dup. this must be 2 fer tuesday.
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