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Woman wanted for animal abuse charges found with 42 cats in her car

Police in Warrenton arrested a woman Monday wanted on animal abuse charges in Washington and found 42 cats in her car, one of them dead.

A police officer noticed a vehicle in the Fred Meyer parking lot that matched the description of one law enforcement officers had been looking for earlier this year.

The officer confirmed with dispatchers that the car was the one being sought, and they notified him that the driver of the car had a pair of warrants for their arrest and warned that she may have cats in the vehicle on which he would need to check.

The officer met with the driver, 58-year-old Kathryn St. Clare of Lake Stevens, Washington. He said he noticed many cats in the vehicle and the "overwhelming" odor of cat urine and feces coming from the car.

St. Clare was placed under arrest, and she told the officer that one of the cats in the car had died a couple of days earlier.

Clatsop County Animal Control was called to the scene and secured St. Clare’s car, storing it at the animal shelter. The cats were given fresh water and food.

After obtaining a warrant to search the vehicle, the officer, along with employees at the animal shelter and the Bayshore Animal Hospital, recovered 41 live cats from the car, along with the remains of the dead cat.

St. Clare was taken to the Clatsop County Jail and faces 30 counts of animal neglect in addition to the two charges out of Washington. The investigation is on-going and she may face additional charges.

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Booking photo:
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I heard Bloody got caught with 42 chikens in his car once... 8 were dead tho... Mellow
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The irony about that is 41 cats are about to be put down in a month or two because they arrested their owner for pet negligence.
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screw the cats... Not talking
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The Sheep Lie!
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DrafterX wrote:
screw the cats... Not talking

I heard that about you.
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Wonder what kinda car it was...41 is a LOT of cats...
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I'm guessing a pu**y wagon....

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