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Were those Astrals a gift from Bill Clinton? KY Jelly goes away with time, or so I have been told. I know there are a lot of Liberal/Demicraps on this board so you better ask about where those stoogies have been.
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So I tried my cuestra Rey 8-9-8...... I wont lie it was ok..... But I did pick up a couple what I think are decent sticks. I found a little shack over here that sells Habana smokes. I picked up a "cohibia" churchhill, and a Romeo and Julitia , Habana. so I will try those bad boys. There both new to new. But I also tried a Montecristo ( actually tried a 5 pack) and only one smoked decent. The rest were so hard to get smoke out of. The draw was terrible. I dont know if they were rolled to tight or what. Also I asked the guy working the counter to check the hydrometer and he said 64%. So I dont know the deal. The only one that smoked decent I let sit out for like a week, but it seemed to be too dry....
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On the Cuesta-Ray try the Maduro #9 Pyrmid or the Cameroon. Both are good,but if you can get Islanders over there try a PSD #4.
My worst smoke was one rolled to tight.It was a Perdomo freshed rolled. KIm
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I did not like the Kahlua flavored cigar. It tasted like I was sucking on a packet of Sweet-N-Low.

I don't know what I was thinking when I bought the cigar.

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WOW, see i actually like the kahula smokes. send them my way! shi*t ha,
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did not like the Fat Cat very much. I am saving the rest for my friends when they get drunk.
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did you see the ci catalogs ad for the Fat Cat It actually says acrid and fowl but what do you expect for $10...LOL
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Victor Sinclair Serie 55.

The Shiite's told Saddam they wouldn't hang him if he smoked two of them.

Saddam took the rope.

I would too.
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Don Elias~YUK!
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thats funny, I don't have one...
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I tried Tesoro Plumbo, one third and that was enough
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Gurkha Vintage -- WORST tasting cigar ever.
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Are you serious? I was got a 55 in a PIF and I smoked it after about a month in my humi. Thought it was a good cigar. I had the Corojo one.
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err forget about that "was" in there, mistake!
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#28 Hit the nail on the head. Cremosa Cubana is by far the worst I've attepted to smoke. Don Elias was pretty bad too.
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I stand by my Tamboril offering, but I must add an additional vote for Predator as well.

My buddy purchsed a bundle because he coaches a soccer team with the same name. Thought it would cool to hand them out to the parents.

He thought wrong.

May have been the quickest "light 'em up, throw 'em down" experience of my life.
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Liquid, by Acid..it's horrible......
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I second the Sherpa. Thought was one of the most boring cigars and was surprised to hear it was one there best sellers! Wow. I could roll tree leaves and make them taste better.
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In no particular order

-Mi Cubano (The boom blend)
-Lord of Jamaica
-Pirates Gold (sorry Mr. Reyes)
-Fighting **** (the name alone should have been a warning)
-Belinda AmmoDor mixed filler (not even good for kindling or lawn mowing)
-anything lars teten
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^ Put a battling phallus in your mouth, and you deserve what you get...!

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#58 & #63

I also think that the VC seri 55 are great smokes. I have yet to have a bad one. I just bought up a bunch of the Robusto Oscuro size because they taste like a maduro Feuntes line.

I've only gotten mine crom C-bid, so I cannot attest to how other dealers store them. This is the one good cigar that VC seems to make.

No wait! These suck! Don't buy them, ever!
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I'll light anything, but I could not light a second of this 'gar.

Worst ever Mr. Hyde's Monstrous Flavor. Rum or Cognac, don't remember which. Short panetela or slim corona.

Ghastly. Heavy, heavy chemical aroma. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, and tried to try another one. COuld not bring myself to light it.

I'm surprised by many of the smokes people think are the worst ever. I find many of them easily smokable. No, they are not great or even good cigars, but I find I can get two inches of pleasantly mild smoke from - oh, say a Joya de Jefe f'rinstance. If I have to throw away the other .15 worth of that cigar, I'm okay with it.

I've been an ocassional cigar smoker for 30 years, pretty much nothing but hand-made ocassional cigar smoker for the last 15 years and only relatively recently a "cigar smoker" (as opposed to a smoker and ocassional cigar man).

So i've been around smokes. You don't have to take my word for it, but there are certainly plenty of worse cigars than Gurkhas, Serie 55s, Cuesta Reys etc.
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La Estrella Cubana - Rosado.

It's even painted red to warn you to say the f- away.

Did that stop Bigjohn-S from buying them? Nope.
Did that stop me from lighting one that he sent me? Nope.

The stupid things we do...
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1.La Rosa (not the Especiales)
2.Thomas Hinds
3.Anything machine made
4. etc.
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Have to agree Victor Sinclair 55's....bought the bohemian sampler and so far every single one of them has benn a ****bomb.
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"Anything machine made"

Clearly someone who has never smoked a John Hay.
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I can't believe someone said Pimp Stick. They aren't the worst I've had.

The worst cigars I've had have been Cuban Monty #2's. Not because of the flavor - because of the hype and bad construction (dissappointment factor). Now the ones I've had that smoked well were awesome.

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Gurhka Vintage. Now that I think about it. Taste like a dust bunny.

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mmmmm.... love the sherpa's.

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The Tamboril Toros they auctioned here in 2000 or 2001.... Those things were so nasty I could hardly give them away.... Finally found a guy from work to take the rest of the bundle...
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ARN The cacique miami's are one of my favorite cheapy smokes. They used to be available around here but I have had to look elsewhere for them. They are very peppery tasting ott so it is best to let them mellow for a year or so. Then they are still spicy but I like 'em.
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The beauty of the botl. We each have our own flavor.

Some loosers from a year ago turned out pretty good after a year.

No real loosers yet.
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Interesting comment on the Joya de Jeffe - the one I tried the other day opened up rather tannic in flavor - then after about an inch it mellowed out into a mild, boring dominican type flavor cigar. Maybel I'll try cutting the fist inch off the cigar next time - I'm pretty sure I have another one in the cooler somehwere.
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Save your lungs for something better.
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I have had my laugh for the day with the iron pipe comment. I have studied and smoked cigars for years. Age will help the cigar a lot. Draw....not so much.
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One smoker's dog rocket is another smoker's primo. It's all about personal taste. I've smoked some rather nasty ones over the last 30 years. Most recent hack and gags:

Oliveiras Kelt Cognac
Fighting ****
Don Tomas Candela
Mr. Hyde's Monsterous Vanilla (Never drink Wild Turkey again!)

Oddly enough, there are a few herfers in my social circle that can't get enough of the Duque and the Oliveiras. Long time smokers who regularly enjoy AVOs, Partagas, Graycliffs, and Edicion de Silvios, but they enjoy these smokes that I classify as dog rockets. Take advice with a grain of salt. My recommendation: buy singles at your local dealer, and when you find ones you fall in love with, buy quantity on CI and C-Bid.
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Just about anything that "T" cigar co. has made with their name on, there may be an exception or so.

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Absolute worst I've had--Evelio. Bought a five-pack, and the first one was so overpowering with the taste of ammonia, I had to throw it away. Same with the second. Tossed the rest. These were sickening, and quite literally unsmokeable. Nothing else I've tried has ever come close to these!

Dishonorable mention:

W & D
Thomas Hinds
Havana Gold (or some such thing)
Gurhka Vintage (love Gurkhas, but WHAT WERE THEY THINGING?)
Cibao (at least the early incarnation--disgusting!!!)
Joya de Jalapa
Several other no-name brands bought from other sellers many years back--it's amazing how many crappy cigars were floating around out there back then. Typically low-grade Dominican tobacco with Indonesian wrappers. Live and learn!
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My bottom 3:

1. Habana Gold
2. Flamenco
3. Don Elias
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I have found that "Mistakes" are aptly named. Also, I lit up my first Flor del Todo and realized what DDT tastes like.
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Professor Silla
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Wow, 88 posts before Duque showed up, I have smoke cotton candy that was better than those things....Jamie
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Partagas Serie D #4 hands down......
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the cohiba Dan sent me
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GetSmoky - be careful when you buy cigars in the BX/PX's. I'm in the same are as you and I always check the RH in the humidor before I think of buying a $5 cigar. The RH in the humidors is terrible! It generally varies between 45-55%. I even saw one as low as 15%, although I'm not sure the gauge was working properly. If you do purchase any, let them sit is a humidor that is properly set up for at least 2 weeks.
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There were a few dog rockets in the freebies from the Cigarfest last year. I wound up with a couple cigars in my humi that my friends didn't receive. I guess there were a few variations handed out. A few that stood out were along with a some others that I hated:

Palma Real
Tabacalera Tropical (don't know which kind, it was really small and really crappy)
Macanudo Maduro
Gurhka Vintage
Cusano 1997 Corojo

I know there are more, but it is all I can think of right now.
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Puros Indios, hands down

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Puros Indios Cigars is a manufacturer and distributor of Premium Cigars, Operating out of Danli, Honduras for the past 14 years. Prior to operating in Honduras the Reyes family had factorys in Miami and New Jersey.

The New Jersey location is now a retail shop, selling all brands, humidors, pipes & Pipe tobacco.

back to top

The Miami location has been turned into a storefront open to the public. The offices are located in a brand new 30,000 sq. Ft warehouse located right next to the storefront.

New Factory

Rolando Reyes, Sr., founder and head of Puros Indios Cigars, has completed construction of the company's new factory, on the outskirts of Danli, Honduras, and is in full operation. The 79-year old patriarch of the family operates the facility, which makes Puros Indios and Cuba Aliados premium cigars. He and his workers have struggled for years with the inefficiencies of working in the recently-vacated former "factory," a cramped 12-room motel. Over time, Reyes added outbuildings to hold bulk tobacco, finished cigars, and other materials, but the working conditions and productivity suffered in the disjointed physical layout. "There was no possibility of expansion," relates Carlos Diez, vice president and grandson of Reyes, Sr. "With the slump in cigars behind us, we knew the strong and growing market following for our top-quality premium cigars would require greater production capacity. Timing for our new factory is perfect, as our business is showing a strong swing upward." The new factory meets that demand. While 160 rollers now turn out 60-70,000 cigars a day, the new factory can accommodate three times that staffing and output.

Farther south from Danli than the old motel, the new Puros Indios factory sits on a moderately-sloped five-acre plot, below the farm and home of Reyes and his wife. "Don Rolando" says he can now keep a closer eye on goings-on at the factory, right from his kitchen window. Known as a stickler for quality, Reyes has laid out the two story building in an interesting manner. The lower floor is taken up by a huge rolling gallery, which slopes up the hill in tiers. "That way," says Diez, "my grandfather can be at the top, and still watch workers all the way to the bottom tier: likewise, he can see to the top, when he's at the bottom." The upper story holds 15 bulk tobacco storage rooms, along with 3 large walk-in freezer rooms, for killing tobacco pests without using chemicals. Don Rolando, also an avid farmer, has provided an in-factory store, where workers can buy fruits, vegetables, and juices from his farm. Reyes claims to be the only factory owner who also retains the atmosphere of Cuban cigar factories of old, by having a full-time lector, to read the day's news and other literature to the rollers, as they work.
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What if Rolando reads this foumn. He will be upset at you Charlie.
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I truly believe Charlie will make a fine salesman for Rolando Reyes
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