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we should have a giant belt buckle made for him in the likeness of the PI label
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You can have the machine mades enjoy?
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hmmm...so many nasty assed smokes...which one tops the list...hmmmm...my ex-father in law brought back these nasty little cigars from the Honduras. They were hand made by some locals. At the time he still thought I was a swell guy (of course now that I've divorced The Hag his perception is a bit different). Anyway...i could tell by looking at 'em and holding 'em they were gonna be nassssssssty. But, since it was a family kinda deal I had to try a one - folks....I'm quite sure that dogrockets taste better than this thing did. I politely smoked it, while drinking a couple glasses of single malt scotch (Lismore to be exact). After suffering through the experience I hid 'em til after the divorce. 49 of the remaining swap weeds went into the trash the day papers were filed.

Of the commercial variety - JR Cigar Shop "cuban counterfeits". - just not well made, poor draw, lousy flavor....poor aroma...maybe if I'd aged 'em for another 5 years...
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ghampton106 You are such a gentleman. I had the same issue with 2 ex witches. Heaven help us inocents.
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#98, lol, sounds like some aspects of olde tyme slavery are working well for them. Does he "provide" housing for them as well?

anyhow, my own choices:

1. Tatiana Vanilla: I enjoy a flavored stick occasionally but this....ewwwwwwww. I literally threw up in my mouth a little.

2. Flor De Todo: I don't care WHO redid this brand, it tastes like shiite, is loose with a ton of lumber and burns very hot.

#58, I have to disagree, I've yet to have a bad experience with the Serie 55. In particular the green label "Sun grown" is delicious.
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The BEST line of the forum:

"I had to shave my tongue" - CLASSIC

There have been many tongue shaving moments in my cigar endeavors. The most horrid cigar I EVER fired up was Don Kiki. Some A-HOLE gave it to me, so I obliged. I wish I would have chugged a gallon of gasoline instead. The cigar should have been put out of its misery with the rest of the scraps off the floor. I felt like I could have thrown up...come to think of it, I would have chugged my own bile than have this piece of sewage touch my lips again.
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1. Petrus Dominicana Torp= gave them away.
2. Est. 1844= threw them away
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I agree with #47, Liga IV are awful! It's not that they are constructed poorly, or I don't care for the taste, they literally seemed like the tobacco was mildewed before rolling. That moldy taste sent it out the truck window before the first inch burned. Both of my brothers that I had already gave some to agreed.

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I really like the old Rolando Reyes smokes,too bad there not around any more....
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I knew I smelled mildew on those Liga IV's...they taste like a mildewy basement smells.
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Trilogy tri-press Corojo. Real stinkers... The maddies and cammies are tasty, though.
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All this time & only one mention of Pirates Gold???

Even worse...NO ONE has mentioned Morro Castle yet?????

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Hey! I just noticed that up in the list a little ways (#66?), Samholmes put Oliveros Keltic Conac in his "worst" list. He just sent me a bunch of those a few weeks ago and they are not all that bad. I'd be happy to take the "junk" people want to get rid of! Probably better to let the troops have em though, those guys/gals are tough! They will smoke anything :)
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Victor Sinclair Serie Crap.
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Splat reads this thread and is amazed at what some esteemed brothers regard as dog rockets. They do not know the depths of horror that can be vomited out of cigar makers hell, but I shall enlighten them. A different site that seems to specialize in dog rockets (starts with T and end with son's) sells one called the Cuban Corojo. I mistakenly bought some several years ago. The first hit tasted like I was smoking my wife's down comforter. The second hit was an order of magnitude worse. I gamely forced myself to try a third hit and realized it was throw it down or throw up time.
I suspect that whatever rank weed was in those things was fertilized after it was harvested and dried instead of before. The remainder have been dry boxing ever since. Maybe they've improved, but I'm not anxious to find out. If you ever try these, do yourself a favor and don't smoke them in public. Someone might be walking a dog and you could find yourself begging the dog to wash your mouth out to get rid of the taste, and a man should have his pride after all.
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^^^^^ Baaaahaaaahaaaahaaaa!!!! ^^^^^

Care for a White Owl Pineapple?

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Ref 112, Pirates Gold is a decent cheap stick, I can think of far worse smokes out there.
JMHO, Diver
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** 113. Author: salnn Date: 03/22/2007 08:28 PM Reply

---- You can dress up a piece of s$%t all you want, but beneath all those clothes, it's still a piece of s$%t !!!!!

Not quite the best idea, buddy.
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I agree with the Astral Candela and many of the others but in response to #113.... My grandfather gave me some good advice when I was younger. He said, "Boy, try as you might, you can't polish a horse turd." That is as true today as it was back then.

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crap. now I may as well stop trying to polish that turd.
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I actually have some quite shiny turds. I glue them to a green piece of plastic and sell them in novelty stores.
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and I'd better take the P____o out of my good humi
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Tastes vary so much from person to person, but I see a trend here and have to agree with it, the Fidalgo Negros I bought here are the nastiest things I have ever tried, Don Elias IMO tastes very bad also, as far a machine mades, I have had many MM habanos that were pretty good, even the JM dominicans are better than may of the hand rolled dog rockets I have tried.
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Either I missed it or it hasn't come up yet surprisingly,Gurkha Vintage.To me these things taste just like a sewer smells.Joya del Jefe and Manolo overruns maybe the only sticks I cared for less.

As for the VS Serie 55 try the sungrown.Ever bit as good as the RP sungrown IMNSHO.The 55 maddie is pretty good also and the corojo isn't bad.Other than that VS sticks suck.

#93. StogeeBoy,If you have any left I will gladly trade you.The PSD#4 is one of the few Habanos I truly love.

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For health reasons I started smoking cigars just to get my nicotine fix after the gum, patches and hypnotists couldn't tear my trembling fingers away from lighting another Camel.

I consider myself an authority on dog rockets because for a long time I only ordered the cheapest crap around, hopefully bad enough I wouldn't be tempted to inhale them on a bet. The only cigars ever I threw away were a bundle of Cremosa Cubana's.

I'm buying better cigars now, really enjoying them and even my doctor dosen't bust my chops about it.

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still to date is 1999 punch cubans, had nothing good from them that year, nothing has been worse. also in the early 2000's I had issues with Nat shermans being plugged constantly. like had 7 or 8 and one, only one not plugged. but other than that...most cigars I have are good

bad frog was crap too
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Probably tasted like a BAD FROG, too...
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A number of the sticks listed here faded into obscurity while others still linger . It would be curious to see what people post today .
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qmech wrote:
A number of the sticks listed here faded into obscurity while others still linger.

Lotsa boom stuff there ... during the 90s, there was such high demand relative to supply, that everyone and his brother (including Chuck Norris) rushed to get into the cigar biz ... even the best companies were hard pressed to even remotely keep up ... being an agricultural product that takes several years to mature, there was a lot of planting going on, but not a lot of harvesting ... the demand for ANY tobacco leaves was through the roof ...

Many of the brands mentioned in this thread were stuff that would never have been on the market had that boom not taken place ... once the 'trendiness' of cigar smoking faded, there were a lot of those low quality brands available, while reliable makers were ramping up ... it's difficult now to imagine how it was at the time, since the goofy stuff fell away and we're left with more quality cigars on the market than at any time before in history.

Now, the FDA has joined the fun ... and, as with anything else, the government blunders along on the pretext they know what's best for all of us ... they're forcing good makers to reduce and limit good product and forcing up prices for every thing else on the market .. it's a real sh*t sandwich when you consider what we had for the last 10 or so years ...
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Dark Sharks and the Acid Nasty are still at the top of my list as the worst.
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Dark Sharks are pretty bad ... I got one once in a swap I did where we swapped 'worst cigars' ... the one I received was a Churchill size that I didn't get and inch and a half into before pitching it.
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Gurkha Black Beauty or Gurkha Warpig.
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SteveS wrote:
Dark Sharks are pretty bad ... I got one once in a swap I did where we swapped 'worst cigars' ... the one I received was a Churchill size that I didn't get and inch and a half into before pitching it.

I bought a box once for a dollar...of course because the website I bought from said they were good. Boy was I surprised. They were robusto size and I maybe got a third into it before pitching. Gave the rest away as a joke. What was hilarious was that people that knew nothing about cigars thought they were good. Poor saps. Passed one as a CC once..bahahaha
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Did not enjoy the Torano Hogshead

Also bought a bundle of Nicaraguan Overruns from an online vendor once. Supposed to be 2nds of some famous factory. They were boxed press Maduro robustos - not good at all
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Speyside wrote:
Gurkha Black Beauty or Gurkha Warpig.

There's one Warpig size that's pretty good with about a year's rest.
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SteveS.... Yes very familiar territory, I lived and smoked cigars even before the boom, through the boom and after the boom. Let's see if the FDA will be countered with the current administration with hopefully a reach from across the aisle,
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I also agree quality has greatly improved across the board,no argument period. . In fact some bundles sold today taste better than a number of premiums back in the day.

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Graycliff Professionale, dark blue label

and a cigar with a plain blue cloth band, not sure if it was a Bahia, Gran Habano or what, but I got a ten pack in a package of Super Bowl winnings...tried two but couldn't get past the first inch of either one...
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You gotta be kidding. Don Pepin Garcia makes some of the best non c c out there
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Drew estate natural is a pike stick unless you like your cigars sprayed with sweet and low
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Bahia with the red band is great if you need to puke
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The list, long, is.......hmmmmmm.


But the worst cigar I have ever smoked is probably the Yaquiba from Haiti.
Tastes like a mix of metal and wood shavings.
Don't bother looking for them. They are so bad, CBID does not even sell them.
Yep, that IS possible.

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El Mejor Espresso.........won't stay lit,and that's good, because when it's lit it tastes like a full soggy diaper smells

d'oh! d'oh! d'oh!
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La Finca
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I agree with the earlier posts...Fighting Kock is bad.
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then stop fighting...
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Trying to think of something worse than Gurkha ..... Got to be the Torano Brick, tasted like ashes from my BBQ grill.
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