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Tobacco legislation question...
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Assuming the regs go into effect as written in year or so....

What happens to current, unsold inventory of non approved cigars that may be in shpos, or etailer warehouses after the implementation date?

Are they (shpos, etailers) going to be required to liquidate all post 2007 cigars before the regs kick in?

I'm just confused as to how the Feds are going to be able to regulate this fiasco at all.
Seems like there is going to be a lot of shenanigans.
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Perhaps Trump could be persuaded to reverse this bit of governmental over-reach foisted on us by the Obummer administration ...
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I will be in D.C. at the end of the month lobbying for my business. Will also be mentioning this to the delegation....
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I think the rules only apply to manufacturers.....like you can still sell pre embargo cubans.
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Govts continue to grow and extract assets from you until they are overthrown.

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