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DrMaddVibe Offline
#1 Posted:
Joined: 10-21-2000
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Not anymore Bill O'Reillywhip

tonygraz Offline
#2 Posted:
Joined: 08-11-2008
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I'll miss him - I made a point to miss every show.
delta1 Offline
#3 Posted:
Joined: 11-23-2011
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He had a long run...maybe he was short in other areas, causing his misbehavior...
Mr. Jones Offline
#4 Posted:
Joined: 06-12-2005
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Say it isn't soooooo...

Show cancelled ?
He left by sponsor & management force?
He left by choice?

He was entertaining , to say the least...

And a very intelligent man...in his own way...

Not even a Gore Vidal or William F. Buckley...

But still pretty damn SMAAAAT....
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