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Understanding the outcome`
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I'm sorry but many miss the point. Clinton is the focus of EVIL in American politics and Gore is his Spawn. The popular media wants the country to be more socialist (Don't ask me why. Who know's) Clinton and Gore are just convenient faces.
There now that you understand what your up against, you can understand what has been happening. If Gore wins capitalists can just kiss there collective ass goodbye.
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The reason the media is so behind the left other than the fact it is populated by leftist is that they know the left enpowers them with more than prudent and exceptable power that they wrecklessly wield. As far as the end of capitalism in America directly related to the election of Gore, that is exactly correct. America will be poised to assimilate into the what I suppose will be the second world. The hybridization of the world reducing us all to the lowest common denominator. Would'nt want the US to be better off than the rest of the world. Global wealth redistribution. Oh yeah, eat the rich. Everyone knows it is the richthat prevent say, that punk working at McDonalds from getting the riches he deserves. Level the playing field until we are all por asses looking to the government to provide for our needs. Wake up America!
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