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It is OVER!!
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A month after the fact they have finally realized the truth! GW Bush is the President of the US!(since 11-7-00) I maintain do away with the popular vote and use the Electoral College vote pick our President based on the majority of the legislator! Wake up America!
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You're crazy ... this is America ... the Popular Vote is the individual American speaking ... the electorial college needs to be modified ... and I believe it will be, just wait and see!
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Slim Slim Slim.what is it with you Democrats,something dosen't go your way,you want to re-write the Constitution.Iv'e said it before but the old boys 200+ years ago were a hell of lot smarter and patriotic than anyone in government today.WHO would you have re-write the Constitution?Your still welcome at my house any time,we'll go down to the only smoke friendly Tavern I know of in California.Just don't tell any of my friends your one of them.Happy Herfin! Buddy.
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