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Bark At The Moon
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Well, this is how the kiddies saw me last night.

I had boxes piled up outside like we had just moved in. Some of them said, Gold records, Sharon's shoes, Jack & Kelly's toys, skulls...that kinda stuff. When I answered the door, I yell out "Sharon! Where's the candy?" and of course I had a big basket full of candy bars in my hands; or "Sharon...There's little kids here again and they look like me!". For the parents that would see the skit and laugh, I'd hold up both of my hands Ozzy style and say, "I know you! Black Sabbath tour '78 you were in the 3rd row!"

It was a big hit! Now what to do for next year....Hmmmmmm?
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good job.

next year when they say trick or treat, say treat and take some of their candy.
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That's hysterical!
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Did you stumble around drunk talking incoherently also? X
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#5 Posted:
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You know I did, and of course it was all done in perfect British accent. I also had the "tremor" thing working too.

I had a bunch of adults come up and trick me...they wanted my picture with the mom's...the were flashing for the camera...alas I don't have a copy...yet!
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Too funny ...

... but you look more like Howard Stern ...
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cool pic,

but I feel a hubcap posy coming soon


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#9 Posted:
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Why I miss a subdivision...but I'm loving the country livin'!
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Nice.. my son is a big Ozzy and Sabbath fan and he'd give a thumbs up. He's only 17 yrs old but, in my selfish opinion, has good taste in music. I'd take the worst Ozzy/Sabbath song over the "best" songs they are putting out on pop music these days.

Get off my lawn!
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Nice! I rolled with that one in the late college years. Partly cause I had the long hair and sunglasses already, and partly cause I'm lazy
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