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Travel Humidor
swim635 Offline
#1 Posted:
Joined: 01-26-2005
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Need help of a good site to buy a travel humidor..Looked online and can't seem to find one I like..Looking for an aluminum outer casing travel case with the styrofoam inside to protect the smokes, with humidifier built in..Would like one that holds 10-15 cigars..Anyone have any ideas?
dave97402 Offline
#2 Posted:
Joined: 12-24-2003
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Go with the indestructable plastic "cigar caddy" brand you can get here. They work awesome.

Sfraun04 Offline
#3 Posted:
Joined: 12-13-2004
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Dave hit it right on the money. You can get a 15-count otterbox cigar caddy on here that will fit your needs perfectly. They usually have one up for uaction with cigars in it, so you'll get some nice cigars to go along with it.
sneech Offline
#4 Posted:
Joined: 09-11-2010
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big fan of the 15 count otter.

You can get one here at a good price. Make sure you bid on one loaded with sticks, no sense having it sent empty!
Thom Offline
#5 Posted:
Joined: 12-08-2003
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OTTER BOX! This "Then and Now" sampler with Otter Box is always a great deal:
bobc2221 Offline
#6 Posted:
Joined: 08-30-2004
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The Zero Halliburton Diplomat cigar case holds 10 sticks, and is aluminum with a humidifier. Costs $300.

A less-expensive but just as good solution is to bid on one of the Otterbox Cigar Caddys at

They come in several sizes, have a humidifer, foam inserts to protect cigars, and run $20-35 on most bids.
I've got 2 and don't have a single complaint - they're great.
cavscout01 Offline
#7 Posted:
Joined: 03-31-2005
Posts: 172
All I have to say is this.... CIGAR CADDY BY OTTER BOX WILL ROCK YOUR SOCKS!!! Seriously, this is a great product, I have several of them over here in Afghanistan, have been using them since I got here, and they have help up perfectly... They are nearly indestructable, they float, are crushproof, can hold a good amount of cigars if you go with the larger size, and are aren't too expensive at all. Definitely the way to go.

vfrtwice Offline
#8 Posted:
Joined: 12-17-2004
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Just got my 32 count otter box TODAY!!!!
Nassau, st. tomas,St. martin... HERE I COME!!!!

28.00.. i would say that is hard to beat. It seems to be a lot of box for the money.

KNOF Offline
#9 Posted:
Joined: 10-08-2003
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All Otter Boxes are great. The 15 count is the only one that I have had a problem with when flying. The pressure made it a real pain in the butt to open, due to the pressure. The larger Otter Boxes have a valve you can open, and the small 4 & 5 count aren't large enough to create a vacuum. I wish the 15 count had a release valve, and this will make me think twice before I pack the 15 count for another plane trip.
andytv Offline
#10 Posted:
Joined: 10-23-2002
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I love my otterboxes. I have a 5 and a 15 ct.

The fiver is awesome...great to toss in the car with a day's worth of smokes.

The 15ct is great too, but 15 is a tight squeeze if you are smoking larger ring gauges. I would say it is more like a 12-15 count.

I took my fifteen out fishing where it was exposed to salt water, fish blood, beer, piss, and tumbling around the bottom of a boat. Hoses off no problem.

I DID take it as a carry on and relived the pressure 2-3 times during my flight. If I was unable to do this, I would consider installing a relief valve or even drill a tiny pinhole and cover it with tape or something.

KNOF Offline
#11 Posted:
Joined: 10-08-2003
Posts: 4,471
Has anyone ever drilled a small hole in their Otter Box to releive pressure from an airline pressure trip?
That would work but then it isn't airtight and water proof (if need be).

SteveS Offline
#12 Posted:
Joined: 01-13-2002
Posts: 8,751
Last December, I learned it doesn't require an airplane trip to pressure-seal one ... we drove down to SoCal during the week after Christmas and when I went to open my otterbox in Long Beach, I found it stuck shut from the trip over the Grapevine ... luckily, it was my large one that has a built in pressure-relief valve
jetblasted Offline
#13 Posted:
Joined: 08-30-2004
Posts: 42,593
I might as well jump on the band wagon Otter Box Band Wagon . . . I liked mine so much, I bought my best friend one as well . . .
ts Offline
#14 Posted:
Joined: 03-02-2001
Posts: 194
I also have 2 otter boxes. Question: does the small humidifier in it do a decent job?
goodwrench Offline
#15 Posted:
Joined: 02-04-2004
Posts: 461
Very happy with my 15 count box.
Slimboli Offline
#16 Posted:
Joined: 07-09-2000
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swim635 --- if you want an aluminum case ...

... get an aluminum case.

There is another site that sells a sturdy aluminum (in brushed metal finish) travel humidor that holds 12 cigars, and comes with a built-in, refillable humidifier to ensure your cigars are always fresh on arrival, and is lined in Spanish Cedar.

Just go to 'Google' and type in 'Aluminum Travel Humidor' ... and you will find several places to chose from. I have one, and it's really a lot nicer looking than the Otterbox (I have several), and works just as well as any that I have.

It will run you around $30 ...
GERMY67 Offline
#17 Posted:
Joined: 05-29-2004
Posts: 83
i just got the 15 count otter box from ci last week. came with 15 good smokes for like $50. i think they got like 3 or 4 cigar/humi deals with it. took it campen and canoeing this weekend, we dumped the canoe when we hit a downed tree in the river. it's watertight. love it.
puffdaddy63 Offline
#18 Posted:
Joined: 02-16-2005
Posts: 1,311
love my 10 count and 32 count otter box... will be tested to the max on our river run next month
jetblasted Offline
#19 Posted:
Joined: 08-30-2004
Posts: 42,593
to me, that little humidifier looks like it is only for show . . . not for long term storage imo . . .
cavscout01 Offline
#20 Posted:
Joined: 03-31-2005
Posts: 172
Thats why I put a humi-stick in each of my otter boxes, with one of those, I have no problem keeping my cigars nice and moist, even over here...

Slimboli Offline
#21 Posted:
Joined: 07-09-2000
Posts: 16,139
jetblasted --- a travel humidors is just as it states ... a travel humidor.

They are not intended for long term storage ...
Sfraun04 Offline
#22 Posted:
Joined: 12-13-2004
Posts: 8,790
If your cigars are properly humidified before being put into an otterbox, they will stay fine. The air tight lock is designed to keep that humidity in, thus making the msall humidifier inside unnecessary to fill. I would only recommend putting some distilled water in there if you're going away for a few days, and using that otterbox for your cigars just as a precaution.
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