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Windy City Secret Santa Blew me away
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Came home on Friday to a ticking time bomb. Not sure who the Santa is but his letter and origin zip code indicates a Windy City address. Santa did a nice job and did his research - cigars, beers and golf items. Well Done Saint Nick.

It started with the Swag-
Fistmas Holiday Ales(Chicago are brew) and a matching Ale glass.
Callaway Diablo Tour golf balls that Santa says can find the fairway better than most -Santa obviously knows my game

A Baker's Dozen of cigars:
Montcristo Media Noche
La Hermitage nh
Undercrown Conn. Shade nh
CAO Brazilia Gol! - a favorite
Ave Maria Toro(?) nh
Fonseca #1 CC lonsdale - sweet!
AJF San Lotano
Sancho Panza
CAO Wicked Winter
R&J 1875
AJF New World
Tat Havana IV - nice
MUWAT Hamhock

Thank you Santa. The MUWAT and Brazilia did not survive the weekend and we are a few men down in the Ale department. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Well done.
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Another nice hit Santa
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Nicely done Santa!
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Enough to share?
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Definitely. What did you have in mind?
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Holy cow that is nice!
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I do believe that we might share a Santa. Great hit, St. Nick!
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