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Super Secret Santa Smackdown
NWStogie Online
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It is now Christmas morning. The kids have yet to arrive for breakfast and I find myself with some quiet time to write this up.

As I mentioned in the 2016 secret Santa thread, I was smacked, hard, on Friday. I think my front porch is developing some cigar-related PTSD from all the smoky holiday goodness that has been unloaded there. Thanks recent traders, PIBers, HMHaines, Chicagoland Santa and Indiana Santa! You all have made this year one of my best, ever.

Friday's package was sent by a certain Kris Kringle of Bloomington, Indiana. Unboxing reminded me of one of those circus clown cars. I could not believe all the stuff that Mr. Kringle was able to fit into a LFR. As I unpacked, I kept running into more and more and more stuff! And when I though I had reached the last of the stuff... I found more stuff!

The Swag
- 3 pounds of whole-bean coffee from Hopscotch Coffee - Nicaragua, Weekender and Mother's Little Helper
- All Spice Cafe Jolokia Ghost Pepper Sauce
- Xikar portable ashtray
- Keychain punch cutter
- Diesel two-finger case
- CI Nation fluorescent cap
- And to top it off, a gold-plated Arturo Fuente Christmas ornament!

Well-played Mr. Kringle. After Mr. Fuente's bling is hung on the Christmas tree with care and I've threatened the cat with the hot sauce, I will be bringing a cigar out to my front porch in the case, punching it with the punch-cutter, lighting it with my new lighter my son gave me, ashing it in the ashtray and drinking a cup of some fine Nacaraguan coffee, all while wearing my can't-miss-me CI cap. (Hot Sauce will be enjoyed later, with lunch.) But wait... Did I mention cigars?

The Cigars
RP Decade Toro Tubo
Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6 (nh)
A Fuente Gran Reserva Flor Fina 8-5-8 (nh)
RP Fusion Torpedo (nh)
Sam Leccia Black Double Toro (nh)
BG MEyer Standard Issue Figurado (nh)
Tatauje Fausto FT140 Robusto Extra
Man O' War Side Project Skull Crusher Salomone (nh)
La Perla Habana Wide Robusto (nh)
Prendelo El Bravo Robusto (nh)
Las Cumbres Senorial Maduro Robusto (nh)
RoMa Craft Neanderthal (nh)
Man O' War Side Project 52C (nh)
Royal Danish Double Ligero (nh)
Diesel Unholy Cocktail Corona
Man O' War Corona Maduro (nh)
RoMa Craft Cromagnon Knuckle Dragger (nh)
DE MUWAT Bait Fish
5x Ramon Bueso Genesis Habano Robusto

Again, well-played, Mr. K. You sent me a Central-American boatload of tobacco goodness that I've either never had, or have already had and liked very much. I looked these all up as I added them to my humi and found that you nailed my developing taste profile. I can't wait to explore as I work my way through them.

Thank you Indiana Santa! You batted cleanup after HMHaines scored a touchdown and Chicago Santa hit the winning three-pointer. And you smacked it outta the park with your amazing thoughtfulness and generosity. Merry, merry Christmas from NWStogieland. All is merry and bright here. And soon to be a bit smoky on my front porch.
corey sellers Online
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Very nice Santa
Hank_The_Tank Offline
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Fantastic! Love the Decade!
namadio Offline
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I'm not a coffee guy but I was told by a coworker that hopscotch is the place in my area for coffee heads. Couldn't pass up the nica coffee when I saw it. Maybe it goes well with a nica puro idk. The 858 is a sun grown if I remember correctly, I love AF SG and maduros. Based on what you stated I think our tastes in smoke are similar. Enjoy!!!!!
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Awesome hit there Santa.

This is also the first time that I have seen a Prendelo on cbid, love those and hope that they start to become more common siting on these boards.
NWStogie Online
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I've made 2 pots of the Nicaraguan so far. Amazing, tasty stuff. Excellent roast.
namadio Offline
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mlangphi wrote:
Awesome hit there Santa.

This is also the first time that I have seen a Prendelo on cbid, love those and hope that they start to become more common siting on these boards.

They were new at my local I heard good things I grabbed a few but haven't smoked yet.
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Great looking hit Santa !
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Nice job Santa!
delta1 Offline
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NWStogie musta been very nice...
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