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Secret santa part 2
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So I get my second box that was ominously promise and I wasn't ready for this destruction! I still can't get over the generosity of smokeyou santa... had a night to sleep off the shock and it didn't help. Thank you so much for this super bomb that blew up my neighborhood! Here is the massive damage:

The treats:

A couple of McDonald's stuffed animals- my boys love them
A little prism toy
A ton of chocolate from malleys chocolate:
A giant chocolate pretzel bar
A chocolate almond bar
A CLE bar
Three chocolate covered tree filled with peanut butter, caramel cream and raspberry cream
And a chocolate santa on a stick

The booze: got hit with some killer local OH brews-

Tom foolery, applejack hard apple cider- 90 proof
Jackie O's, oro negro- described as stout brewed with walnuts and conditioned on spices. Sounds really good!
Sibling rivalry brewing, winter ale- described as a strong stout tasting of plum and raisins to enjoy by the fire.
Rhinegeist, dad, hoppy holiday ale- a balance of crisp hops and malt juices like a well worn flannel
Platform, lawlessness porter, dark roasty rich
Ohio's killer beer, vanilla porter, no description but I have been wanting to try a good vanilla porter!

The cigars:
viaje collaboration 2015- nh and have wanted to get my hands on one
Viaje collectors edition- nh and looks super good
DE L40- super good stick
Foundation cigar co, the Tabernacle- nh, the only one that didn't make it. am still going to light it up.
Camacho triple maduro- haven't got to try the new blend yet, love the brand and know it will be great
Quesada keg- nh and another one I have been looking to try
Anejo shark- one of my favorites from AF
Black label trading co, color project, cray cray. Nh and never heard of, I can't wait to try it!
Vegafina torpedo- a great cigar
Te-amo maduro- nh
LFD 1994- still haven't lit one up, will need to soon!
Angels anvil- looks like the 2014, I really love these!
CAO pilon- nh
Oliva master blend 3- super good cigar
Bolivar cc- super good, only had a few of these
Omar ortez originals, just tried one the other day, super good!
Punch signature- nh
No label pantilla- little help with what it is, looks really good
Punch rare corojo- my favorite non cc punch
Punch vintage- nh
Johnny tobacco naut- really great cigar
Las calaveras 2016- love these!
LFD NAS- nh and have wanted to get my hands on one!

A giant hit with phenomenal treats, booze and cigars! I feel like a thank you return is in order for something this great!
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I have a box of unopened mcdonalds toys in the basement. The toms foolery applejack is made from ohio apples, quality cleveland product IMO. Jackie Os is a little htf. That no label pantilla is a Tatuaje petit tatuaje reserva nicaraguan or something. I almost sent you buckeyeslol. Enjoy dem chits.
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Wow. Smokeyou with a serious Santa bomb. Oh so nicely done.
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Looks like SmokeYou smoked you! Awesomeness!
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Some good beers in there. Nice hit Omar
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