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Oh Kookifornia.....
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Homeless parrots..?? Think
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victor809 wrote:
I can walk 1 block to the farmers market every Saturday if I really cared about having a fancy tomato....

Or I can go to any number of restaurants and give them money to give me food....

I saw this expose on farmers markets recently... like 90% of the organic tomatoes being sold by "backyard gardeners" were hot house tomatoes from a massive Canadian grower...
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Hah ... But is the Canadian organic?

Hell... If it's being grown by Canadians it probably counts as artesanal...

But... Honestly, most of our produce comes from trader Joe's... The dogs produce comes from the farmers market sometimes... His kale... Sweet potatoes that crap.
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Had some dude selling stuff on da side of the highway claiming it came from his garden.. turns out he was buying from a wholesaler just north of here a ways... People started asking questions about the pineapples and oranges he was selling to... Mellow
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DrafterX wrote:
Homeless parrots..?? Think

I heard they were pizzing and chitting in the streets willy nilly all over the place...strutting around with their peckers hanging out....Anxious
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