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Speyside's kick to my wrinkled ole sack.
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Brother Allen evidently has decided that kicking a handicapped man in the money bag is fun. I know for a fact I heard my change jingle, all two pennies. I dearly love wine that even at times I will have a glass while smoking a cigar. Mostly when I want to wind down all sophisticated like. Now, I am just wondering how sophisticated I can be while the wife is holding a pack of ice on the family jewels. ram27bat

The damages consist of a total of 5 bottles of wine. Sadly Memphis UPS likes to throw boxes and one bottle was broke. While I had the box in my office my son and his GF kept coming in going. OMG that smells good what is it lol. Sense they have gotten wind of it I think it is going to require me finding a safe place to hide the bottles.

Brother Allen also was kind enough to send me some western red cedar that came from an 11 year old wine cellar to use in making pens. I had spoke to him telling him I love the way it was cut due to it allows me to make the grain go either side to side on the pen or length wise. As he and I discussed about how typically you see a hand made pen with the grain going top to bottom. So what I did was make a pen out of a piece of wood Allen sent to show the grain from side to side. Any who, I wanted to post a photo of the damage and also of the wood and pen I had made from the wood Allen sent showing the rings going around the pen.

Allen, I can not say thank you enough for your kindness. Your generosity knows no bounds kind Sir. I greatly appreciate this more than you will ever know. Herfing

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Chris, the wood looks great in pen form. Enjoy the wine.
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Nicely done! Both of you.
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Love it! Nice hit! Pen is special also.
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Nice hit, nice pen.
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Beer Beer Beer Beer

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Super nice hit!
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Applause Applause Applause Applause Applause
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I just got back from Raccoon Mountain and Ruby Falls. Took the Stump Jump bottle with us. Needless to say it is now history. Very fine tasting wine indeed. It had an earthy spice taste to it with a hint of a smokey kind of taste on the back end. Needless to say this went well with the meat we grilled out on Wed. night in front of the cabin while enjoying the silhouette of the high mountain tops all around us.

Brother Allen, You definitely made my mine and my wife's little excursion way more enjoyable to say the least. I made it a point to only take one bottle. If I had taken them all they would all be gone now lol.

Making a pen with the grain going around like that is kind of tough. The reason is with it being cut on a lathe there is no supporting grain. What this means is basically if a fly farts while cutting the pen it will blow out on you.(fly to pieces) It took me 3 attempts to get it with out the blank flying apart. Once accomplished it looks very unique because most turned pens you will see the grain goes up and down not side to side like on this pen. I think I am wanting to make a match set. The pen with the grain going around and make a mechanical pencil with the grain going up and down. Again Brother Speyside, I can not say thank you enough.
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