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Alternative secret Santa
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RMAN4443 wrote:
keeping entertained, doesn't leave much free time....Damn, I forgot about all their energy and short attention spans


I thought this is why man invented them vibrating things that take batteries for da wome.................. Oh crap! wait, you are talking about your grandson......... My bad! I got confused and thought you was talking about your wif..... Oh double crap!........................... NM! I don't know why my brain went in that direction...... Err...ummm.... My bad? Anxious Blushing Blushing Blink Ok I am going to go now Brick wall Silenced Silenced Silenced

Big Hug

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Ewok126 wrote:

I am going to guess my ASS is Mandobro. The reason for my guess is in the note sent there was the gift labeled for "SHEWOK" It was the Mando clan that gave her that name. Well, that and the fact that a great deal of this wonderful stuff is made in Maine.

Yup, it was me. You are very welcome! I'd love to see those ear danglers in the 'Sip. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.
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So I have to appoligize. I've been sick as a dog since my last tourney Sunday and stuck working since I'm the only one who did not take vacation time and needed to baby sit the office, and still had life to navigate though. So without further delay the damages

Starting with cigars I have never heard of:
Mbombay ganja sampler
X2 super stroke Toro's?

Tat limited edition lancero
3x room 101 master collection 2 papi chulo
3x room 101 master collection 3 papi chulo

West end coffee roasters
Toasted Carolina pecan
Smoky mountain blend
Espresso Milano
Highlands ridge roast

Red clay Carolina hot southern hot sauce

Moretti torch
Super sweet looking cigar keychain punch cutter

X5 whisper Creek Tennessee sipping cream liqueur
Sazerac rye - you're insane

Custom engraved rocks glass with my name and stogies - super cool

1x pink Pegasus
1x purple Pegasus

1 sleeve South Carolina gamecock golf balls - too cool to play

This was a crazy crazy bomb by csgamecock, or some very good imposter. But Jesus was this insane. I have had any of the edible stuff as I can't taste a fing thing but the coffee is keeping me going. Sorry for the delay, once I tackle the summit of stairs to find a laptop, I will post a photo.

Thanks for all the smokes, swag, toys and anal lube. What a sentence. Hope you also had a great Christmas gamecock and have an excellent new year buddy!

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abjd14 wrote:
Yes the first box has landed, came from a mysterious address and everything was shrink wrapped to perfection.

Box opening started with a beautiful hand written scroll wishing me a merry xmas. Then I found some whiskey accessories a flask and an ice ball mold and a bottle to use with them

Knowb creek small batch 100proof

After that was a 21 cigar salute riddled throughout

Camacho check 6
Camacho 2017 liberty
Af 50 reserva
Undercrown Maduro
Antano dark
Room 101 mc3
Nub habano
Oliva Serie v
Le rey del mundo
Tat 6 verocu osiris
San cristobal revelation
My father la antiguedad
Perdomo champagne
Carlos toran
Room 101 chief cool arrow
Padron 1926. No 6

And the **** thing is that old fog santa Santa sent me old crusty cigars. Them damn things all have super dark and dirty yellow brown cello on them.

Thanks Santa the punisher

I was your Punisher Santa. I hope you enjoy the cigars and the bottle. What an amazing Christmas. Thank you all for the great time.......

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These were fun times ya dinks. I enjoyed seeing the hit and how everyone was excited. Good times. Let's do it Christmas
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Your not hibernating yet

Away great job Santa
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csgamecock wrote:
Did Yaro ever get his Corey?
It says delivered but haven't seen anything yet from him.

tried the hot sauce yesterday, pretty tasty. need to get some fried chicken to really taste that potential. or i need to ditch this cold, but thats likely gonna be a while
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Ok, I've had a hectic couple of weeks....I got my A.S.S. handed to me Christmas Eve as I was headed out the door...
Opened up the box and found some delicious snacks...some Seriously Sharp cheese, some Old Croc Australian extra Sharp Cheese, a large bag of salted Pumpkin Seeds, and a Package of Beef Jerky.....The Seriously Sharp Cabot Cheese disappeared FAST, my wife and grandson devoured it along with the crackers included in one of the earlier boxes.

Also included in box was a customized cigar box adorned on the outside with a cartoon depiction of Santa taking a dump down a chimney(Chim Chim Cheree??), while reading the Endorian Times newspaper with headline "Santa Takes a Huge Chit Down Napalmans Chimney"...and on the inside was a cartoon picture of a Snowman pooping ice cubes, and the Festive Holiday Greeting, "Merry Christmas Azz Hole", written in candy cane script.

Included in the box was a vast array of smoky goodness...many of which I've never had(I'm such a N00B)

Graycliff Double Espresso PGS (4.5x54) nh

Room 101 Serie HN#808 nh

Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador Filero nh

Brick House Mighty Mighty Maduro nh

JFR Lunatic Maduro El Chiquito (huge ring gage) nh

Room 101 Ichiban Tiberion Lonsdale nh

Oliva Serie V Perfecto? I couldn't find this vitola listed anywhere I have had Serie V before but not this vitola

Oliva MB3 Rob. nh, but have a couple resting

Viaje gold trimmed band...unsure of blend(need a little help Chris) nh

RyJ Havoc Stocky nh

Alec Bradley Reserve Connecticut nh

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anny.Champagne Rob. smoked several of these, and love them

Mi Querida Short Gordo Grande nh

Oliva MB3 Torp. nh, but have one resting

Perdomo Lot 23 Maddie Robusto love these

RyJ Club Selection Sumatra Toro nh

Kristoff Signature Series 6x60 nh

and last but not least,
a dark unbanded smoke, 4.75x48....really need some help with this one Chris.....gonna say nh but I'm not sure

Thank's Ewok, for the azz beating.....I sampled the Tequila on New Years Eve afternoon....very tasty...Beer
the artwork included was great, and the Tequila box really blew me away, very creative...Thank You again!!!!
I'll try to post up a pic soon
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Very nice, very creative hit!
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The yellow band is a Viaje Oro Nicaraguan puro, Corojo wrapper, Nicaraguan double binders, with a blend of Nicaraguan long fillers and a triple cap if I am not mistaken.

The un-banded stogie is a custom rolled to order Johnny O from when I went in with a special brother here on a split. (you know who you are Special Brother lol) The Johnny O is in my top 3 list. The other 2 spots on my list are CC's. If you should do a photo (which is not required by me) make sure you take a photo of all the feminine products the elves sent you as well. They have a thing about hygiene. Lube with hairbrushes and fun time with play-dough lol. They some freaky lil chits.

You enjoy my brother! Herfing Beer
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Well the wombat has done went and sent me a package now with some very fine smokes in it . For someone who don't like lanceros he sure has a few there where 3 in the package. Thank you sir for the package I really appreciate it and I will enjoy them all.

Padron 1964 in a tubo never seen one of these before
Nuevitas Tat nh
Tat tatoo smoked alot of these in the past
2 Tat skinny monsters nh
Tat black great smoke
Tat reserva broadleaf great smoke
2 room 101 lanceros nh neither
Viaje stuffed turkey nh
MOW puro authintica smoked alot of these
Romacraft cromagnon great smoke

I thought you would be hibernating by now . Thanks again brother for all the great smokes.
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You earned it Corey. Enjoy. Yes, your box was the last I'm in hibernation.
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Have a good nap see you in the spring wombat
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so I got home today and there is a box from Yaro for doing the ass last year some great looking smokes and some rum also

man of war ruination nh this size
af short story smoked a bunch of these
undercrown flying pig nh
la Gloria cubana smoked a few of these
2 tats nh this size that I can recall
liga privada #9 never had this size

bottle of captain morgan rum this will not last long

Thank you sir but you did not have to send anything hopefully next year I get to play along.
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Truly a Master’s list of bombs. Let’s see how we do in 2019. 👍🏻
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But iffin’ the newbies have been reading the older SS, think they should have figured it out by now.
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