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Santa Drops da MOAB
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This picture does not do this hit justice. A bunch of really great swag and 87 cigars total. NWStogie is a very dangerous man.
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looks like the Mattster has decided to quit smoking and is donating his stash!

I heard he's sick in da head.
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Wowza! Beautiful!
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Everyone to Phil's for a Christmas/Cha nu Ka smoke and snack fest...Applause Applause
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First thing that caught my eye was the box of Uncle Lee Drool Hang on... I gots to wipe off the slobber on my desk! Anxious

Very nice indeed. Way to go Matt! Enjoy all them Goodies Phil.

Applause Applause Applause Applause Applause
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The gift is in the giving, my smoky brother.

I’ve only had 3 cigars since Halloween, so it’s almost like I quit.

I had one of those Shape Shifters last night. Perfect draw and burn. The sugar-based paste did not create a lingering sweetness like the infused crap. Ima going to have to buy me some more before they sell out. I see why Katman gave them a perfect score.

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As I stated on the other thread . . . This is worthy of "LEGENDARY" status !
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Happy to see this picture up so quickly...thank you!

Ewok - I love me some Uncle Lee too.

Matt - I have a couple of fat bone-in ribeyes laid out to grill for dinner. Think I'll partake in one of those Shape-Shifters as a post meal treat. Really looking forward to it...
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For anyone who wanted to see the inventory list:

Santa Caws Holiday Blend Coffee
Deadman’s Reach Coffee Mug
Olympia T-shirt
Box of SeaBear Wild Smoked Salmon
Can of Merino’s Habanero Albacore Tuna
Johnson’s Sausage Stix
Rub with Love BBQ Rub
Jar of Almond Roca
Jar of Ila’s Ghost Pepper Jelly
Jar of Anna’s Wildflower Honey
Jar of Mama Scott’s XX Picante
Bag of Tim’s Dill Pickle Potato Chips
Seattle Chocolate Rainier Cherry
Mt. Rainier Fridge Magnet
Caldwell Keychain
AF Don Carlos
FFOX Corona Gorda
Opus Perfecxion No. 4
Opus Perfecxion No. 5
Power Ranger
AF Anejo #46
Balmoral Anejo XO
Byron Siglo XX Habaneros
Caldwell All out Kings
Caldwell Anastasia
Caldwell E. Standard Midnight Express
Caldwell E. Standard Dos Firmas Signature Culebra
Caldwell E. Standard SG
La Barba Red
Long Live the King Mad MF
Caldwell Pacific Standard
Crowned Heads The Angel’s Anvil 2017
Crowned Heads The Angel’s Anvil MMXV 2015
5x Crux Ninfamanac Dark
Davidoff 702 Special R Anniversario
2x Davidoff Nicaragua
HU Magnum 50
HdM Epicure Especial
Hammer + Sickle Berlin Wall
3x Isabella Shape Shifter
3x Olivan BAMF Dynamite
Olivan K-9
Olivan ROCF
Olivan Rope
LFD Air Bender
LFD Event Only
LFD TAA 2017
LFD TAA 2015
Oscar Valladeres 2012 Rebirth Corojo
Oscar Valladeres 2012 Rebirth Maduro
Oscar Valladeres My Way
2x RoMa Craft Aquitaine
2x RoMa Craft CroMagnon
2x Intemperance BA XXI
2x Intemperance EC XVIII
5x Nmakubi Ecuador
10x Uncle Lee
5x Southern Draw Firethorn
5x Southern Draw Kudzu
Tatuaje L’Esprit La Verite 2013
Viaje Skull and Bones Collector’s Edition
Viaje White Label Project
Palama Online
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jespear wrote:
As I stated on the other thread . . . This is worthy of "LEGENDARY" status !

Fo’ sure! ThumpUp

Not that anyone is “keeping score” but this one is gonna be hard to beat.
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Applause Great hit! Love me some Tim's Chips!
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Outstanding! Applause Applause Applause
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Awesome hit there
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Holy hell. What a bomb.
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One hell of a hit!!!!!!!!!

Good enough to bring the mad clown out of retirement.
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Bombed <-----------Phil

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fuggin nutter
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