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Yaro's 2018 A.S.S. Smackdown
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#1 Posted:
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Inside the Grinchy-green IED, masquerading as an Amazon box, there was:


Tony's Hot Pepper Spread
Dark Matter Coffee - Unicorn Blood
Metropolis Coffee Company - Bold Ambition
IWCOA decal (putting this on my wineador)

My Father No.5 (nh)
Johnny O (nh)
Leaf by Oscar Maduro
Por Larranja
Fonseca No.1 (nh)
R101 MC1 (nh)
R101 MC2 (nh)
Roma Craft Aquitaine
Tat Havana VI
Tat Black
LFD Ligero L-Granu (nh)
Caldwell The King is Dead x2
Espinosa Laranja Reserva x2
LFD Air Bender x2
CH Headley Grange x2 (nh)
My Father Cedros Deluxe (nh)
AF Hemingway
AF Hemingway
Padron #5000 Maduro
Ave Maria Reconquista
Diesel Unlimited Maduro
Man O' War Ruination
Man O'War Puro Authentico

My guess, based on location, some creative Googling and the process of elimination, my A.S.S. bomber is the one and only Yaro. Thank you, Santa! You certainly put me in a full-nelson with this one. Very nice selection with more than a few with some age on them. I'm super excited to put my feet up with a cuppa the joe and fire some of these up. That Johnny-O is looking particularly tasty!

This is totally awesome! Thanks, and Merry Christmas, Brother!

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Nice hit by that donkey guy...ThumpUp
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Nice hit Santa
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Another solid hit!
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guys gone wild this Christmas...
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Yaro: Holy crap, that hot pepper spread ROCKS! Amazing on homemade street tacos. Perfect blend of rich/savory and complex spicy. Just like I like my cigars. Thx, my friend!
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