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Nick Perdomo is a hell of a guy
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A friend from NYC also likes him, but I'm not a big fan of the cigars, tho the champagne noir showed some promise. Some like the lot 23 (I have one resting) and the 20th Maduro has some fans.
Lower priced Perdomos are not very good and some are pretty awful.
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Perdomo are ok. I think they are ok. I have some 10th ann champagne they are ok.
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I liked the lot 23 I tried but thought the 20th anny was just so so.
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The 10th anni champagne, as noted, can be pretty good.........but then some will be pretty bland......I’ve found them to be somewhat inconsistent in flavor, despite being always pretty good in construction.
Years ago there was a maduro I thought was pretty good, but can’t remember now........will look it up later.
For the money, there are generally better options for me than Perdomo cigars.
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I liked the Perdomo Champagne Noir and the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro.

Keep in mind I still have a noob pallet.
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I had some thoughts the other day... but then I got a headache.

So I stopped.

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Still have a box of the OR ESV Seleccion - these, along with some of the older Perdoomos (pre-2012) were/are pretty good! Thought the Amber was ok and still have a sampler bag to work through.

Seems like many of these brands have lost their way over the years. I remember when RP, CAO, Hoyo, etc. produced some great smokes. Glad I got into this madness when I did. fog

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Thanks for all the responses.
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