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delta1 wrote:
Cooks couldn't make a coupla catchable TD passes that woulda changed the game...

but hats off to the Pats for the longest stretch of dominance in a professional sport since the Celtics of the 50-60's...Massholes've been tearing the hearts out of L.A. fans since I was born...

so, here's the thing with Cooks...
by all accounts, super great guy and hard working teammate, all The Pats loved him last year.

runs great routes, tremendous speed, a true outside-the-numbers-deep threat of which the Pats have only had really one all these years, Randy Moss.

So why'd the Pats trade him? Not as simple as that he was contract eligible and Bill never breaks his value-per-position budget.

What my eyes told me last year seeing him play a whole season (and not just splashy high lights from Saints games) is that he does not fight/contest for the ball in flight...and two big plays from this Super Bowl support that knock.

He shies away from contact too, very rarely does he get past the first defender to touch him.

What he is is a dangerous talent, potential game breaker, who if open will make that catch and fly. So he belongs in the league, just not what the Patriots ask of their receivers. They even block!
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