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Laura Logan
Burner02 Online
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Not the norm!

deadeyedick Offline
#2 Posted:
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Common sense and titts too?
Gene363 Offline
#3 Posted:
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Refreshingly honest and nice to look at too.
Speyside Offline
#4 Posted:
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She should be the norm.
tailgater Offline
#5 Posted:
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from Cheers?

dstieger Offline
#6 Posted:
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She should Run
delta1 Offline
#7 Posted:
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maybe she'll get nominated if Trump doesn't run, for whatever reason...

at least the debates will be more interesting to look attention to...ummm ....

why is it that we Americans are so smitten by UK/SA accents????
Burner02 Online
#8 Posted:
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I didn't notice an accent.
Mrs. dpnewell Offline
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The GOP needs to run someone like her in 2020. Oh wait a minute. There's a democrat activist who claims she dry humped him 35 years ago when he was drunk.

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