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Missouri Tornado
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Well me and mine were just a mile off of the path of the Tornado that ripped up a good part of Jefferson City Missouri last night. Was in the basement and lost power when heard the classic "Freight Train" pass nearby.

No damage and nobody hurt at our house. Not so for lots of others in our town.

Having a 101 MC3 Roxxo and giving thanks right now. Might break out a Cuban this evening.

It's not just "Smoke 'em if you got 'em" Its "Smoke 'em while you are here to enjoy them!"

Stay safe everyone.
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So relieved to hear that you and your family got safely through that mess.
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Glad to hear you are safe. This weather has been a little crazy. Hopefully it doesn't affect others too much.
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Glad to hear you made it through safely....Stay Safe
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