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R.I.P. Ginger and...well, Rip.
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I don't want to make this a "who's the better drummer" thread. There are certainly a lot of good well-known drummers (Bonham, Moon, Peart, Portnoy, etc.) that need no hailing. There are also a lot of good ones out there who were either overshadowed by talented bands and/or band mates (The Rev. of Avenged Sevenfold before he passed, Janet Weiss of Sleater Kinney until recently, Mitch Mitchell who played with some guy named Hendrix, just to name three).

This past weekend, we lost one of the latter group, a talented musician who worked behind others who just commanded more notice, Ginger Baker, formerly of Cream. Of course Clapton deserves his own accolades, but Baker was a really gifted drummer.

On the other spectrum, I doubt many could argue the most talented professional confetti-thrower was Rip Taylor. Just one shtick, and he could be quite funny in an interview and on game shows, but I'll say the best thing I think anyone could say about him: he made me laugh.

Thanks to both of you guys.
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May they rest in peace.
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It's crazy how many amazing musicians Clapton got to play with. Jack Bruce the Bassist of Cream was no slouch either. He stood out just as much as Clapton and Baker.
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A ginger to respect....RIP Mr. Ginger Baker

he did a lot of ripping and got ripped too...RIP Mr. Rip Taylor
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...and I was going to say Mary Ann.
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Mrs. dpnewell wrote:
...and I was going to say Mary Ann.

Sorry. I would have included Lawrence Welk, but I'm just not a fan. Would you settle for Glen Miller?
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