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Nobody "CHANGES S.h.i.P. in a SToRm...
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Just ask MACS!!!!


CReEpY Joe (& GREENLIGHTer obAmmy) cAn


JOEBOY Doesn'T stAnd a chaNCe...

Better the Dumbo you know than
Uncle CREePY...

ALas thoU pOOR BERNIE.......WE KNew
Emmmmmmmmmmmmmm weLL..
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Uh... Mary had a little lamb. Stop. [pause] My dog has fleas. Stop.

Mares-eat-oats and does-eat-oats, and I'll be home for Christmas. Signed [pause] Your loving son [pause] Queen Victoria.
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The sun rose from the West today. Ring around the Rosie. When is a rose not a rose. Rose quartz. Rose line. Rose Marie.
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Wtf Lol!

You all really should go outside. Catch a few fish, go golfing, maybe hiking?? The Feds have shutdown, but state parks are still open.

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Comrade Murphy shut down our parks today
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Screw Mary's little lamb.. Not talking
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The eagle has landed
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State parks have closed here.

Looks like Dems are getting ready to practice being opposition party long term. Not so bad......only 9 more years and 5 more SCOTUS nominations.
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save that post, buddy
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I am learning that it does not matter for the Right.

The US get almost a third of COVID cases - and Trump rates his response as “a 10”.

He systematically removes checks and balance, firing over site officials that question his action.

Openly lies, flips and attacks anyone that would fact check.

Is reprehensibly adulterous and amoral.

But the Right sees it not.
Because believing IS seeing.
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most see it, but the end justifies the means...

just like we on the left expect the government to do right by the people and step up during catastrophic moments, and are upset when it doesn't
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OMG the thing I want to have more control didn’t do a good job?

Palama Online
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Wat up Sir Walter?
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ZRX1200 wrote:
OMG the thing I want to have more control didn’t do a good job?


it's failed leadership, in this crisis...

there were squandered opportunities to make better decisions to contain, then to mitigate: to implement timely emergency procedures to bolster the supply chain for our medical facilities and personnel...

the price we'll pay is in a weakened medical care system, and also in the number of severely ill and dead Americans... that medical care system may be ill-equipped and under-manned during the next wave...that is the battleground of the pandemic...not the economy...

hopefully, we'll have a plan, an organization and a commander in place to purchase and stockpile resources in preparation...and then to relocate available resources during the emergency: supplies, equipment and personnel; to those places in direst need

in our civilized society, no other entity is entrusted or empowered to make those decisions: only the government, and our government at the federal level and at some state and local levels should and could have done better... we have to...
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I'm liking Governor Charlie Baker in MA
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Al.....this starts at local then state level.

“Alright stop, hammer time”
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