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Saturday funnies, keep em coming
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Cops knocked on my door and asked where I was between 5 and 6. They seemed a little pi$$ed when I said kindergarten.

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Little Johnny is walking down the street smoking a cigar
A man stops him and says "young man, how old are you?"
Little Johnny responds "6 years old"
The man, aghast, tells little johnny "that is far too young to be smoking; when did you pick up that vile habit!?!?"
Little Johnny furrows his brow for a moment, "Sometime after I got laid the first time."
The man, floored by the response, asks "How old were you when you got laid the for the first time, little boy?!?!?"
Little Johnny says "How the fugg would I know, I was drunk"
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You're getting better with practice Frying pan
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Have you heard about the deaf gynecologist ?
He reads lips !
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"Hello ladies", the blind man said as he walked past the fish market.
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