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Back-slapped by Z
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I posted a simple ISO in a discussion about the LFD Double Ligero Oscuro Lancero. It was meant as sarcasm to the "Boy the ISO’s are dead" thread. My mistake. Z took the ISO seriously and back-slapped me with the following:

left to right
"Old" Padron Delicious - very yellow cello
LFD Cabinet Oscuro Torpedito - was just considering these
LFD Double Ligero Oscuro Lancero - HOT DAMN!
Franlin Pichardo Custom-Blend Lancero - looks tasty. love a lancero
Camacho Diploma Maduro - an old favorite

Also included was a bag of Red Velvet Almonds, but the wife snatched those before I could take a pic. They were awesome!

Many, many thanks Jamie. An awesome line-up of great smokes right in my wheelhouse. As soon as my wife returns to work and we get back on our feet, I will be sure to return the favor.
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ram27bat fog Herfing Applause Applause
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Holy smokes they are busy, this is a couple months ago?

Some of my personal favorites for one of my favorite BOTL, hope ya enjoy them!
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nice one Z
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wow...nice hit...

and good to see DBIII make an appearance
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Missed this earlier.

Very nice Z!

Carl, you don’t need to return fire, just accept Jamie’s invitation to go camping.... Anxious

Or not.
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Nice smackin' Z!!!
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