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A New (for me) 101 winner
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I was one of the biggest fans of the Original Room 101s. The Cool Arrow and Roxxos were (and still are since stocked up!) some of the best I've ever purchased not from a certain communist island.

The new 101 releases, well they are good, but nothing that came close to originals. The Farce, Ichibans and others ar fine and often pretty cheap but not something I would go out of my way targeting. I'll grab some here on Cbid at times when already placing a order for something else to take advantage of the shipping, but I'm not bothering to check for them regularly.

Recently tried the Big Payback. ROTT was it was trending to being harsh. Fired up one after a month or so of Humi time. It's getting better but not there yet.

Had some reward points from a certain cigar PAGE and picked up a bundle of the Room 101 Teufel Hund Maduro Toro on one of their weekly sales.

Dang, finally found a 101 that reminds me of the old days. No, not as amazing as the Cool Arrow, but it's sure familiar. Smooth, flavorful, burns cool and long, great smoke and ash. By far the best of the 101 New releases that I have tried.

Not on one of their sales right now, but still $2.50ish for bundle of 20 so grabbed some more!

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Good to know. Thank you.

Do they also make a Brazilia?

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