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Is Diesel Cigars Selling 2nd on Cigar Bid?
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Have been smoking Diesel cigars for the past few years. The last 2 or3 purchases on this site many (about 50%) were wasted cigars. Light them and they burn down the middle and not around the outer cigar. Other problem is uneven burn, Good light then a part of the cigar burns and 1/2 to 1/3 of the other side does not. End up cutting off to even up the burn.

Bottom line is I am done purchasing Diesel cigars on this site. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing similar problems.

PS went online to Diesel, no number to call but did contact customer services and told them of the above problem. Asked if they are selling 2nds online. No response back, I am sure it was deleted after reading....

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Hello Torch, welcome to the asylum...

I had similar issues many years ago and mentioned it here...seems some of the CBid botl's had a fix...let the cigars sit for several weeks before smoking...and make sure they are stored at RH well below 70...

they come from the warehouse which is kept at about 70 RH, which I proved accurate by putting the newly arrived cigars into a ziplock with a hygrometer- yup- 70RH... too wet and that causes the burning problems...

most guys here keep their humidors and other cigar storage containers at closer to 60 RH, which seems to be the better moisture level for smoother and more even burns, resulting in better tasting cigars...give this a shot and report your results back
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Be aware AJ is producing a P HUK TON of cigars these days and has taken on doing a bunch for General Cigars too I wouldn’t be surprised if QC is lower than a few years ago. Shoot I don’t even smoke any Pepin cigars anymore except the ones he rolls for Tatuaje.

TorchLake you seem like a good egg so I’ll let you in on a little secret only us longtime forum members know. The owner of CBid is named Dave and he likes taking care of us longtime members here when we occasionally run into issues.

Call (214) 914-3337 9-4 Central time and ask for Dave, tell him jaderose from the cbid forums sent you and let him know your concerns. He’ll take care of you.
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I agree on the aging/humidity thing. Though Z might have a point
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Sunoverbeach wrote:
I agree on the aging/humidity thing. Though Z might have a point


He better call Dave. Ground floor opportunities
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DrMaddVibe wrote:

He better call Dave. Ground floor opportunities

Dave’s not here man.
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That's why you call.

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