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I have a Kindle EBook reader, so that's what I know.

My mother wants an E-Reader and is considering a Nook because she has Barnes and Noble gift cards.

-Is the Nook limited to B&N Nook books?
-Is it easy to download the EPub books from the library?

Or conversely, if she were to purchase a kindle, could she purchase B&N Nook ebooks and read them on her Kindle?

I want her to get a Kindle Fire Tablet and just use the B&N gift cards for hard cover books. Keep it simple. Simple is good.
But she asked me to look into it. And she's my mom.
Thanks in advance.

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When I researched back in the day, Nook was limited to B&M. Quick skim of a 2020 review seems to be the same now, however the reviewer found almost no issue in finding titles sold both on B&M and Amaz.

Also said it was easy to "sideload" ePub books which I assumed were from the library but could be mistaken.

There is some sort of hackish process where you can load Nook books to Kindle readers. Sounds like it takes a few steps involving some laptop work.

If she can be swayed from strictly having an ereader the best option may be to push the Fire. Obviously can download Amaz books, but can also install the Nook app and get titles from either source
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I have a kindle... Mellow
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Can the nook app be downloaded on kindle fire?
I see windows and android, ios and Mac.
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My understanding is that the Fire is essentially Android based. So, should be able to install Google Play store and then can install Nook app from the Google Play store.

Disclaimer: I'm a Paperwhite owner myself. All above info is trusting that what I read on the internet is true
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I’ve been getting my e books from the library for free
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