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Hau'oli la Hanau Braddah Frankie!
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Wishing you a very happy birfsday! Applause

Big meal planned for tonight? Think

Going out to someplace fancy or kickin' back and maybe some takeout Chinese (...or is that only reserved for Christmas?...)?

Cake and ice cream too?

At any rate, hope you have a GREAT day!
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Happy birthday Brother Frank and many more.
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Happy Birthday Frankie
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Happy Birthday and wishes for many more !
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Happy Bday, Frankie!
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Happy B-day BOO BOO !!!! 👻👻👻👻👻👻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻
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crappy weather day yesterday in Centerville, no beach.
Have good friends spending a few nights wif us and they picked up the dinner tab (it was a sneak attack) and bought a few quarts of ice cream from Four Seas (real goood) and some hotfudge sauce.
Couldn't get in to first choice (Fisherman's View) but walked in to The Pilot House just across the inlet from them and had a terrific meal...raw oysters, fresh grilled swordfish (no local sea bass available) with a little anchovy butter, perfectly crispy mixed grilled veggies...

The friends aren't adventurous eaters so we will go to a couple places we love after they leave...The Naked Oyster, Tumi's Peruvian/Italian for the ceviche...stuff like that.

Topped off with a Fuente 858 natural and three fingers of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva on the massive front porch.

Coulda been worse.

Thanks, all of ya.
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Happy Birthday, buddy... glad you had a blessed day!

Mom woulda been 82 on Sunday. Same day we found the place and the offer was accepted. Gotta mean sumpin', right?
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Happy birthday! Iffn ya find a good place for charbroiled oysters write. Drool
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Happy Birthday Frankie!

Keep the celebration going.
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Happy birthday Frank I hope you have a great day
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Happy birthday Frank!
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Happy birthday you sly old dog.
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deadeyedick wrote:
Happy birthday! Iffn ya find a good place for charbroiled oysters write. Drool

I accept that assignment.
Gotta remember to get my azz over to the nearby Tree House!

Much thanks to additional well wishers...
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Happy belated.
I hope you stopped counting.

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Happy birthday Frank!
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