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Cuban Honeys
Donnie F Offline
#1 Posted:
Joined: 01-18-2021
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Has anyone tried Cuban Honeys and do you like them? I won a bid for ten of them and I got them for two bucks!!
Thanks guys
#2 Posted:
Joined: 05-08-2011
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Oh those Cuban Honeys sure are sweet, and they’ll do anything for you for two bucks, wore me out so much I couldn’t possibly get through ten of them…
KingoftheCove Offline
#3 Posted:
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If I’m paying 20 cents per cigar, I buy LHC Oscuro Fuerte Toros, NOT Cuban Honeys, which are really only worth a nickel or so each.
You overpaid…
ZRX1200 Offline
#4 Posted:
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Chicks who don’t like premium cigars like Cuban Honeys.

Ask me how I know
Sunoverbeach Offline
#5 Posted:
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Non bueno. Unless you like general gas station type cigars. Though you probably got them cheaper than gas station cigars, so I guess that's kind of a win?
deadeyedick Offline
#6 Posted:
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You don’t want to see the hairy thighs those were rolled on.
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