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Davidoff (but not Davidoff)
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Hi all

I’m relatively new to cigars (and definitely new to CBID). Someone gifted my a Davidoff a few months back (Connecticut wrapped, but cannot identify anything else about it). It was the best cigar I’d ever had. It was a pleasant smoke from start to finish.

Unfortunately 1) I wasn’t smart enough to save the band and 2) I’m a broke PhD student, so I can’t really afford Davidoff anyways.

Wondering what recommendations you have for similar-tasting cigars that are not 20 bucks a stick. I tried Avo but it didn’t quite hit the mark.
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Zino platinum—made in the same factory and equally good construction, blended by Zino Davidoff

Camacho Connecticut—same nuance of flavor but slightly bolder as it’s Honduran leaf

Avo XO—if you tried the classic or another line, the XO might be more similar to your Davidoff Connecticut experience (maybe Grand Cru or Anniversary?)

Macanudo white inspirado—inferior construction but similar flavors; available here for under $2 a stick

Hope this helps!
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There's a "Gimme some mild cigar suggestions" thread here not too long ago. You'll probably find some good recommendations in there
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Basically any Connecticut wrapped cigar in the price range of your preference will be similar

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During a bidding frenzy I accidentally bought some macanudo vintage connecticut thinking they were the maduro and they were actually not bad at all for a Connecticut cigar. Maybe try a few of them?
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