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Secret santa
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Thank you Santa for your huge generosity.
You went above and beyond. Thanks!

Damage Report:

LFD 1994
LFD Andalusian Bull
LFD Double Ligero
DE L40
Oliva V Melanio
AF Don Carlos
My Father El Centurion
AF Queen B
Caldwell Long Live the King
Diamond Crown Julius Caeser
Oliva G
La Aurora Perfecto
JDN Antaño
La Gloria Cubana
Nica Rustica
Tatuaje Cojonu 2009
Snappers caramel pretzels
Deep River snacks
-zesty jalapeño
-mesquite barbecue
Stonefire naan crisps
Chef's cut jerky
Vermont summer sausage
Vermont smoked pepperoni
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Great selection of cigars. Your SS hit a wide spectrum. Very nicely done.
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Looks great. Nice job Sanata!
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He also sent some local coffee beans and some wood matches.....
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