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Yellow Cello Trade 6 Nubs 3 Habano 1 Connecticut
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I am looking to trade out some of my aged collection. These cigars are all 8 years plus old and some of the age is very apparent in the color of the cello. Some are as old as 2001. I will consider trades for other domestics. Trades do not need to be 1 to 1 so let me know what you are thinking. They have all been kept up around 65% RH.
My favorites:
Partagas Series D

La Gloria
Acid cold tea (seriously)

These Nubs have been sleeping for a good bit of time. As you can see they have aged pretty well. Even the Connecticut wrapper has turned its cello yellow. The Habanos have turned theirs a nice toasted brown.
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Guess you will have to send them to me.
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