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What Gin or Vodka Ya Drinking 10,000?
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#251 Posted:
Joined: 08-02-2012
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I found a place with Sipsmith Gin. t\They had 3 kinds though and wasn't sure which to get. The VJOP looks like the one I should grab next time I am in there.
watchurai Offline
#252 Posted:
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Never tried the Sipsmith.

For a crisp gin with no huge herbal or floral flavors:
Love this to sip or mix.

For a bigger herbal/floral experience:
Forager Gin
Made in Frederick Md. fantastic distillate to my palate. Mix or sip.

As for vodka I am not picky when mixing, but I have been toying with infusing vodka and have found I like the Ketel One and Russian Standard for conveying the infusion flavor the cleanest.
So far my favorite has been basil/cucumber. In Bloody Mary or just with seltzer. MmmmMmmm
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#253 Posted:
Joined: 08-02-2012
Posts: 7,987
Uncle Val's Botanical G&T (no lime or fruit, been finding them more true to their offerings without so been skipping the garnishes)

Was a nice week with cooler evenings but the heat got turned back up today. Was starting back on the whiskey train but back on the gin today. Might buy another bottle of something and call it for the summer on the gin front.
8trackdisco Offline
#254 Posted:
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Roth California Vodka in a Moscow Mule.
Palama Offline
#255 Posted:
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Grey Goose Moscow Mule at CPK.
Palama Offline
#256 Posted:
Joined: 02-05-2013
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Hendricks with Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic Water

Daughter bought some to try, not too bad. Will try it again with other gins.
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#257 Posted:
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Used to like Gilbey's gin, vodka is nearly tasteless, except the flavored crap. We drink Gin and Orange Dry or grapefruit Polar soda. Cheap gin is fine and sometimes I even substitute white rum.

shaun341 Offline
#258 Posted:
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Posts: 7,987
Nauti Spirits Gin

Not bad, tasted similar to Magellan but a little rougher around the edges. Suitable for a gin and tonic
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#259 Posted:
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Belvedere Unfiltered martini straight up with a twist

Merry Christmas!
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#260 Posted:
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Bombay Sapphire (2 very large dirty martinis)
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#261 Posted:
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madspackler wrote:
Had some nice Moscow Mules over the weekend. Used the Dripping Springs from Mikey, half a lime and Buffalo Rock ginger ale. Good stuff

Stoli in home Moscow Mule, tried them for the first time a few months ago. Say a show where they were drinking them and looked it up once I saw it was ginger beer in them...weeellll, come on in!!!
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