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The Greatest Montecristo's Ever Rolled ?!?
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#1 Posted:
Joined: 07-09-2000
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OK ... I bit on this one.

I received and email offer for 2 singles of the Vintage 2000, the ones that come in the glass tube that have '2000 Celebration' in yellow on it ... for $18.

Back in the middle of 1999, the folks at the Montecristo factory wanted to release a special cigar to commemorate the new millennium. So they produced a one-time run of a bold blend of special cigars wrapped with their prized Habana 2000 wrapper. This limited production cigar was only made in one a special size (7 x 50). They also decided to package these cigars in individual glass tubes, and placed them in a very special, hand lacquered box of 12.

This is their hyperbole:

We believe that our limited inventory of these special cigars are all that is left from the unique production run. Just like a fine wine, they are designated with the year of production, hence they were called the millennium cigar. Here is an opportunity to acquire finely aged premium cigars, at an affordable price. If you have been an aficionado for some time, you will remember other great vintage releases in the industry. Remember the Dunhill 1989's, the Macanudo 84 and 93's, and the Partagas 150's? which are selling today for more than 10 times their original list prices (if you can find them). Just like those other esteemed marks, the Montecristo 2000's will soon be gone forever. If you'd like to try a few cigars without diving into a whole box, here's your opportunity to try a piece of history. We've got a specially selected pack of 2 singles for you, for only $18.00, which is an outstanding price for a piece of history.

I fired one up this morning, and it started out pretty mild, typical of the Dominican Monte's. But it developed into a pretty tasty, toasty flavored smoke. I actually had a hard time putting down this monster of a cigar. It just seemded to get better with every puff ... and it left me with a very pleasant aftertaste.

Anyone else have any experience with this cigar?
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#2 Posted:
Joined: 07-09-2000
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BTW ... I forgot to mention that these have the 'Reddish Brown' Rosado wrapper ...
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#3 Posted:
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I bought two boxes of these right here on CBID about 13 months ago. They were known as the Montecristo Cigar Des Arts Millenium 2000. I sent one out in a trade and smoked one last week so they're all gone.

I never did figure out if the blend was the exact same as the regular Montecristo Cigar Des Arts or if they tweaked it a bit. The packaging and artwork was similar but with glass tubes.

The glass tube with year 2000 crap on it was gimicky and I expect it was intended to be sold as an expensive single cigar, capitalizing on the Montecristo name. Usually I wouldn't touch something with packaging like this but the price was very good so I took a chance...

It was a very good cigar. Definitely the most flavorful of the Dominican Montecristos, which aren't high in my book. I wouldn't mind having more of these but, not at special "vintage" prices.
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#4 Posted:
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I saw a box of these at one of my locals last week and pondered how good it was going to be. Tempted to buy it, but wasn't sure. After reading your review, I assume you think they are worth the cash? I don't remember the price for the box, but for CA I don't think they were the $18- per stick price.

PS. you got mail!

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#5 Posted:
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They have them at a place in Oklahoma City also. About the same price as you paid. I might have to splurge and get one.
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#6 Posted:
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Slim - I had a similar experience with the Montecristo Platinum. I was thinking... 'not gonna be very good compared to the REAL Monte's'... and I was wrong. It was a damn good smoke.
DrMaddVibe Offline
#7 Posted:
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I've pined for the CDA and the Mil....those were the days....if you can get them...get them.

Not those silver banded jobs either!
HarleyDave Offline
#8 Posted:
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Damn you Slim!

I was doing so good with not buying cigars. I went over a week without purchasing anything! But I read your review and then got the advert for the cigars and I had to buy some. Oh well, I guess I better buy them before I get married. LOL

Threadjack on

Smoked that Butera Vintage you sent. Excellent cigar! If you know where I could pick some up, please email me
HarleyDave3565 yahoo com.

Threadjack off
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#9 Posted:
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I got the same email. But the Dominican Monties don't do much for me at all, so I don't know...
KNOF Offline
#10 Posted:
Joined: 10-08-2003
Posts: 4,468
Well I didn't get the add for the Monte's, but I found it with ease, heheheeee. The box at the local was sold when I asked after reading the thread, %$()#%)#.

So, what did I do? Yup I bought some at the site offering 2 for $18-, . . . I bought six, just in case I liked them, LOL. Well they showed up on my porch yesterday and they shipped them in one of the beautiful black boxes that hold 12 cigars. They even gave me a montecristo cigar cutter that came with a full box! Very nice box at that. Look for a picture soon!
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#11 Posted:
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Pretty much ignore Monte's unless they are from the Island to the South of Miami!!!!!!

Then I will damn near stand on my head for one!

lukin Offline
#12 Posted:
Joined: 03-31-2004
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I have generally been disappointed with every non-isom I have tried. For the most part they are bland, overpriced, and underwhelming. I gotta agree with Macs though and say that the platinum are great. I would definitely have another. Maybe I'll fire one up this afternoon
Slimboli Offline
#13 Posted:
Joined: 07-09-2000
Posts: 16,139
I'm practally the total opposite from you, lukin.

There hasn't been very many Cuban cigars that have impressed me enough to 'spark' me to go out and spend the $$$ (or take the risk) on them ... they just aren't worth it.

I don't know what domestics you have been smoking, but Padron, most Fuente, La Aurora Preferido, The Griffin's, CAO, I could go on ... have been far more enjoyable to me than most Cuban cigars I've smoked. Hey, why is it that there are about 9 (?) CAO cigars that have beat Cuban cigars in ratings over the years, if they are so 'bland'?

I guess that is just one of those, 'tastes are subjective' situations at it again ... ;^)
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#14 Posted:
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Have yet to smoke a non-Isom Monte that I have liked. No I havent smoked ALL of them but I got tired of wasting my money.
KNOF Offline
#15 Posted:
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Hmmm Beat, so now your placing Domestic Monte's in the same class as Bucaneros, LOL! I guess my taste buds are all messed up, heheheeee.
WaldoAR15 Offline
#16 Posted:
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H'mmm, two of those just ended up in my humi.

Don't know if I'll ever put a match to them though.


thurson Offline
#17 Posted:
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Okay, I'm opening a clearing house for all NON-ISOM Montes. I'll be more than happy to take them off your collective hands. One or two of them ought to be good!

lukin Offline
#18 Posted:
Joined: 03-31-2004
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I must make myself clearer....When I said I didn't care for any non-Isom I have tried, I was referring to the thread. I meant non-Isom Montecristo's. I love tons of non-Isom's (I've got to since I have only had three or four ISOM's in my life) I agree with you that they aren't worth the time or the money. That being said, with the exception of the Platinum, the non-Isom Montecristo's are not very good.
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#19 Posted:
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I bought 4 boxes, back in April 2000. Get this, the wholsaler calling on the store, had bought a 1000 boxes after the newyears celebration, and was selling them for $29 dollars a box. I bought 2 and wished I had more money, I was underemployed at the time. The owner of the store picked up 2 more for me, and stored them for me in her walkin, until I scrapped together the cash. I traded some away, gave some away, and smoked the rest. I'm down to 3 sticks.
I like them.
Dave (A.K.A. Homebrew)
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#20 Posted:
Joined: 09-18-2004
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i had two of these. my wife ordered two in the tubes and when they arrived, the tubes were dropped and well.......i just had to smoke them. like you, i thought it started pretty mild but before it was over, i was converted. i believe this was one of the best monte's i've ever had........habano or not.

Slimboli Offline
#21 Posted:
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18delta --- I thought that the ones I have were the ones that your wife came on and said she dropped them and the tubes broke ...

... when I got the email offer, I remembered that, and decided to try them for myself.

They are indeed, a very good cigar ...
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#22 Posted:
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I just came across this post 14 years later... I bought these to commemorate my first borns birth and recently cracked the box open to have his eye them. I have all 12 tubes in my humidor and am looking for a special occasion to light one up. For his prep school graduation, he opted for a Cohiba Behike.
opelmanta1900 Online
#23 Posted:
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Frank is gonna be piiiiiiiiissed....
Palama Offline
#24 Posted:
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opelmanta1900 wrote:
Frank is gonna be piiiiiiiiissed....

Naaaah, he mellowed out since he retired.
KingoftheCove Offline
#25 Posted:
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Palama wrote:
Naaaah, he mellowed out since he retired.’re wrong about that Palama!
Didn’t even communicate the birth of a child!!
engletl Offline
#26 Posted:
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Still got the one that Slim Slapped me with a few years back

Sitting all pretty in its glass tube in the humi
delta1 Offline
#27 Posted:
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fire it up, general...let us know...more importantly let clueless Wobchan know...

PS: I'm also a clueless one who didn't do a proper intro post...just started posting like I'd been here awhile, never knowing that lurking isn't the same as participating...except I only lurked for a few months, not years...he should know better...
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#28 Posted:
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KingoftheCove wrote:’re wrong about that Palama!
Didn’t even communicate the birth of a child!!

I'm literally sputtering here. Can't even find the words...

wob, not writing, not calling is one thing (OK, two things) and of course we were worried sick.

but finding out on a discount cigar forum that your mother and I are grandparents??!!

you'd better have one helluva reason for causing us this cruel pain.
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