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Poll Question : Should Elon be allowed to keep government contract
Choice Votes Statistics
Heck Yeah! 2 13 %
Heck NO! 1 6 %
Joe Rogan has good weed! 5 33 %
Nancy Pelosi should be on the Rogan Show. 1 6 %
If she can do it so can Ewok. 6 40 %
Total 15 100%

SpaceX plans go up in smoke?
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#1 Posted:
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Man, and I enjoyed that Joe Rogan episode.

If nothing happens with the investigation then I will still apply for a job with the SpaceX program!

I wonder if Nancy Pelosi will be my poster child. Retards Unite!

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#2 Posted:
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Sku jeerota, yupyup, gleeg siz ah-ah, coatee-cha.
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#3 Posted:
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Speyside wrote:
Sku jeerota, yupyup, gleeg siz ah-ah, coatee-cha.


Teeha Fruk, meechoo yupyup yesh sta. Kla eekeekeek ota churi de opra. Teeha dupav vay kommah!
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#4 Posted:
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^ What he said
dstieger Offline
#5 Posted:
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Dont know what a Rogan is, but few people as stupid genius as Elon...I would never bet against him....wouldn't put a whole lot on him, either
engletl Offline
#6 Posted:
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I heard ewoks taste like chicken....
Sunoverbeach Offline
#7 Posted:
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I heard stringy and kind of gamey. Not worth the skinning
mjrburn Offline
#8 Posted:
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Gotta shave the ewok before your skin it!... then it tastes like alligator, which tastes like chicken, or so I've heard.
delta1 Offline
#9 Posted:
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after a coupla hits from Rogan's bong, you'll be chowing down on ewok...
Sunoverbeach Offline
#10 Posted:
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If you're bayou born and bred, does alligator taste like chicken or does chicken taste like alligator?
Ewok126 Offline
#11 Posted:
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I have been told I taste like turtle. Seven flavors of meat depending on what part you eat. Anxious
Mr. Jones Offline
#12 Posted:
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ELON needs to go on another radio show interview and
"LIVE SMOKE ANOTHER FATTY" ....,then pontificate about the future... Elon NO LIKE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, he is scared shiiiitless about it...

He is one smart dude...but much too overexposed over the last 18 months...he has a visionary mind...BIGTIME.
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