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CLE Chele 6 x 46
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#1 Posted:
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Like 90% of any Eiroa-made cigars, this one is light as a feather in the hand and has a draw looser than an 80 yr old hooker. I don't understand how they can make cigars like this. The draw is so loose that the smoke is burning my tongue. I gave up after barely an inch.

An $8 stick of crap.
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#2 Posted:
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My old Davidoff Corojos, and my pre-Davidoff Corojos are quite well packed.
Guess he got cheap as he got older?
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I don't remember a loose CLE, but then I never had one of his skinny cigars - Kombat has warned me about them.
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I haven’t had a good one in any blend in this vitola which disappointed me greatly.

This is boxed pressed correct?

The standard parejos are fine.

Also try a Eroia 20 year.
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