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Still Believe the FBI Is Some Honorable Institution?
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Olympians, senators call for prosecution of former FBI agents for lying about the Larry Nassar case

Two and a half hours into a Senate judiciary committee hearing into the FBI’s mishandling of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) offered FBI director Christopher Wray some advice.

The hearing was in response to the July release of a Department of Justice Office of Inspector General’s report that found the FBI failed to act in its Nassar investigation “with the urgency that the allegations required.” Specifically the Inspector General’s investigation found that Michael Langeman, the supervisory special agent in the FBI’s Indianapolis office lied to investigators to cover up errors made in the bureau’s investigation into allegations that Nassar, the former U.S. Olympic and USA Gymnastics national team physician, sexually assaulted gymnasts under the guise of treatment.

The OIG also determined that W. Jay Abbott, the Indianapolis special agent in charge, lied to investigators about applying for a top level security position with the U.S. Olympic Committee while consulting with USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny about the Nassar case.

Abbott retired from the FBI in January 2018. Langeman was fired from the bureau two weeks ago, Wray confirmed Wednesday.

But the Justice Department has declined to prosecute either man.

“If I was in your shoes,” Blumenthal told Wray, “I would be walking across the street to the Attorney General of the United States and I would be saying you need to prosecute.

“Why aren’t you doing that?”

Wray responded that he would not discuss the nature of his private conversations with Attorney General Merrick Garland, adding that he was “careful not to blur my lanes of responsibility.”

But Blumenthal, a former U.S. Attorney, persisted.

“But we both know that very often that at even at the lowly level of the US Attorney,” Blumenthal continued “that an FBI comes pounding on my door and says you gotta go after this guy, he’s dirty, he’s a bad guy.”

The exchange was one of the repeated calls by former Olympians and senators for Langeman and Abbott, as well as former USA Gymnastics and U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee executives, to be prosecuted for their roles in the cover-up of Nassar’s decades of sexual abuse of more than 500 survivors.

Wray told the committee that Justice Department officials twice, once in 2020 and again earlier this year, declined to indict Abbott and Langeman.

“A whole lot of people should be prosecuted here besides Nassar,” said Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont during his questioning of Wray and Inspector General Michael Horowitz. “Some of the people within the athletic field that were aware of this, turned a blind eye to this, did nothing, allowed all these victims (to be abused). There are a whole lot of people who should be in prison. I’m aware (Nassar is) in prison but I can tell you frankly as a parent, as a grandparent there’s a hell of a lot more I’d like to see in prison.”

The FBI agents, Olympic champion Simone Biles told the committee, should “at least be federally prosecuted to the fullest extent because they need to be held accountable.”

The OIG investigation found that Abbott not only lied about his pursuit of the USOPC job while handling the Nassar investigation. He also lied to investigators about the initial steps he took in the days and weeks after he learned of allegations against Nassar in July 2015.

The OIG also found that the FBI “failed to formally document a July 28, 2015 meeting with USA Gymnastics during which the FBI first received the allegations against Nassar; failed to properly handle and document receipt and review of relevant evidence, i.e., a thumb drive provided by USA Gymnastics President Stephen D. Penny, Jr.; failed to document until February 2017 an interview of a gymnast that was conducted on September 2, 2015, during which the gymnast alleged sexual assault by Nassar; and failed to transfer the Nassar allegations to the FBI Lansing Resident Agency, where the venue most likely would have existed for potential federal crimes.”

The OIG report also revealed that Langeman did not write a formal report of his 2015 interview of Olympic champion McKayla Maroney, who was repeatedly assaulted by Nassar, until nearly a year and a half later. Maroney and her attorney, John Manly, said that they disputed the accuracy and veracity of the report.

“It’s not only that the FBI failed to do its job, systematically, and repeatedly, it is also the cover of the cover-up that occurred afterward,” Blumenthal said.

“This failure was systematic. This investigation was mishandled from coast to coast, from Indianapolis to Los Angeles,”
United States gymnasts from left, Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman and Maggie Nichols, arrive to testify during a Senate Judiciary hearing about the Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Larry Nassar investigation on Capitol Hill, Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2021, in Washington. Nassar was charged in 2016 with federal child pornography offenses and sexual abuse charges in Michigan. He is now serving decades in prison after hundreds of girls and women said he sexually abused them under the guise of medical treatment when he worked for Michigan State and Indiana-based USA Gymnastics, which trains Olympians. (Saul Loeb/Pool via AP)

The Olympians and senators also expressed outrage that Justice Department officials turned down an invitation to attend the hearing.

“What’s even more upsetting to me is that we know that these FBI agents have committed an obvious crime,” Maroney said referring to the FBI not following up on her three-hour telephone interview with Langeman. “They falsified my statement, and that is illegal in itself. Yet no recourse has been taken against them. The Department of Justice refused to prosecute these individuals. Why? Deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco couldn’t bring herself to be here today. It’s the Department of Justice’s job to hold them accountable.

“These individuals clearly violated policies and were negligent in executing their duties, and in doing so, more girls were abused by Larry Nassar for over a year. To not indict these agents is a disservice to me and my teammates, a disservice to the system which is built to protect all of us from abuse.”

Penny and other top USA Gymnastics officials were informed in June 2015 of allegations that gymnast Maggie Nichols had been sexually assaulted by Nassar under the guise of treatment at a U.S. national team camp at the Karolyi Ranch in remote Central Texas. Within days Penny and other officials also learned of allegations that Olympic champions Aly Raisman and Maroney had also been sexually abused by Nassar. Around this time Penny began communicating with Abbott through a series of conversations and emails, often seeking the FBI agent’s advice on handling the case.

Nassar, according to court documents, sexually abused at least 40 young athletes between Penny’s first contact with the FBI agent in charge of the bureau’s Indianapolis office in July 2015 and September 2016, when Nassar’s abuse became public. The number of victims in that window could actually surpass 100, according to persons familiar with dozens of Nassar-related lawsuits.

“In sacrificing my childhood for the chance to compete for the United States, I am haunted by the fact that even after I reported my abuse, so many women and girls had to suffer at the hands of Larry Nassar,” Nichols told the committee.

Raisman recounted how the FBI failed to contact her about Nassar’s abuse for more than a year despite repeated requests by her and her mother to be interviewed.

“In 2015 it was known that at least six national team athletes had been abused by Nassar,” Raisman said. “There was even one of the athletes that was abused on film. Given our abuser’s unfettered access to children, stopping him should have been a priority. Instead, the following occurred: The FBI failed to interview pertinent parties in a timely manner. It took over 14 months for the FBI to contact me despite my many requests to be interviewed by them.”

Raisman also said she “felt pressured by the FBI to consent to Nassar’s plea deal” on federal child pornography charges.

Nassar was sentenced to 60 years in prison in 2017 in the child pornography case. He was later sentenced to 40 to 175 years and 40 to 125 years in two Michigan state courts after pleading guilty to multiple sexual assault charges. He is currently an inmate at a federal prison in Florida.

“I remember sitting with the FBI agent and him trying to convince me that it wasn’t that bad,” Raisman said. “It’s taken me years of therapy to realize that my abuse was bad, that it does matter.”

It was like, she continued “like my abuse didn’t count, that it wasn’t a big deal.”

Biles also criticized USA Gymnastics and the USOPC for their roles in creating “an entire system that enabled and perpetuated his abuse.”

“I don’t want another young gymnast, Olympic athlete or any individual to experience the horror that I and hundreds of others have endured before, during and continuing to this day, in the wake — of the Larry Nassar abuse,” Biles said.

“To be clear, I blame Larry Nassar and I also blame an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse. USA gymnastics and the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee knew that I was abused by their official team doctor long before I was ever made aware of their knowledge.”

Wray repeatedly apologized for the FBI’s mishandling of the Nassar case, which took place before he was named director in 2017.

“I want to be crystal clear. The actions and inaction of the FBI employees detailed in this report are totally unacceptable,” he said. “These individuals betrayed the core duty that they have of protecting people. They failed to protect young women and girls from abuse. The work we do certainly is often complicated and uncertain.

“We’re never going to be perfect, but the kinds of fundamental errors that were made in this case in 2015 and 2016 should never have happened. Period. As long as I’m FBI director, I’m committed to doing everything in my power to make sure they never happen again.”

But both the gymnasts and senators said the FBI’s role in the Nassar cover-up sent a disturbing message to future victims of sexual and physical abuse.

“If allegations raised by well-known, world-class athletes are not taken seriously by the FBI, what hope do other victims of sexual assault have?” asked Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas). “If this monster was able to continue harming these women and girls after his victims first went to the FBI, how many other abusers have escaped justice? Again, if the FBI did so little in the investigation involving world-class athletes, what hope can an average American have? What faith can they have in the system?”

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#204 DMV

WHAT a great article...

I had no idea...

I watched FBI DIRECTOR WRAY on CSPAN in front of a congressional hearing on Friday?

D.O.J. as to not to prosecute the agents involved or the CEO'S INVOVLED , OR THE COACHES INVOLVED..."





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Christopher Steele: Product of Corrupt FBI
Christopher Steele is a symptom, not a cause, of what ails the FBI. The nation’s top law enforcement agency flagrantly involves itself in U.S. elections on behalf of the Democratic Party.

Just as the special counsel’s investigation into the origins of Crossfire Hurricane—the FBI counterintelligence probe launched in the summer of 2016 to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign—is showing signs of life, one of the central figures in the hoax is attempting to burnish his sullied image.

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos has produced a documentary featuring Christopher Steele, the man responsible for the so-called dossier bearing his name. “Out of the Shadows: The Man Behind the Steele Dossier,” streamed on Hulu Monday night; promotional clips hinted that, far from a hard-hitting interview exposing Steele for the charlatan he is, Stephanopoulos gave Steele a chance to spin his story ahead of possible new indictments related to John Durham’s inquiry into the Trump-Russia election collusion hoax.

Rather than depict Steele accurately, Stephanopoulos and ABC News social media interns repeatedly describe Steele as an “ex-British spy” or “former intelligence officer” even though Steele left MI6, the UKs version of the CIA, in 2009 to start a consulting business. (That same year, Steele presented a report on Russia to President Obama.) Steele’s now-discredited dossier, which Stephanopoulos tries to portray as “raw intelligence,” was the basis not just for the entire Russian collusion hoax but also served as key evidence to support four illicit FISA applications to obtain warrants to spy on Donald Trump and his associates.

Stephanopoulos’ goal, of course, is to convince uninformed viewers—in other words, most of Stephanopoulos’ audience on any given day—that Steele was working in an official national security capacity instead of as a Democratic political operative paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to dig up dirt on Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential race.

But Steele, many folks forget, also had another funder in 2016: the Federal Bureau of Investigation. An often overlooked fact about Steele is that at the same time he was being paid by the Clinton campaign and DNC, he also was being paid by the FBI as a “confidential human source,” otherwise known as an “informant.”

Without James Comey’s FBI, there would be no Steele dossier and no Russian collusion hoax. And Christopher Steele is the most glaring example of the slimy relationship between the FBI, partisan operatives, and the American news media.

Steele began working with the FBI shortly after forming his consulting business, Orbis Business Intelligence, in 2010. In addition to his work on the FIFA corruption investigation, Steele routinely passed along information to the FBI on Russian oligarchs. According to a lengthy report issued in December 2019 by Michael Horowitz, inspector general of the Justice Department, the FBI completed necessary paperwork in 2013 to authorize Steele as a confidential human source.

Acting as a paid lobbyist on behalf of his consulting clients, which included Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, Steele used the FBI to launder his political work. “Steele furnished intelligence information that the FBI disseminated, including in four Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs) sent throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) concerning the activities of Russian oligarchs,” Horowitz confirmed. “By the time Steele was closed by the FBI as a CHS in November 2016, the FBI had disseminated 10 IIRs based on Steele’s reporting.”

In other words, Steele, with a clear fiduciary interest in what he presented to the FBI under the guise of a confidential human source, influenced both the U.S. Department of Justice and the national intelligence community. What did those reports say about Deripaska, a Putin pal in trouble with the U.S. government and tied to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, or other Russian tycoons? Was Steele providing useful information to the FBI at that time or was he illegally lobbying the agency for desired outcomes on behalf of his wealthy foreign benefactors?

Between 2014 and November 2016, when he was terminated as a CHS, Steele was paid $95,000 by the FBI.

For what?

Fusion GPS, the firm led by Glenn Simpson, leveraged Steele’s status as an FBI informant and trusted source to seed the Russian collusion storyline at the highest levels of the Obama Administration right before the 2016 presidential election. Steele’s approach followed a similar pattern. “According to FBI records, Steele thereafter produced reports related to the 2016 U.S. elections, of which he provided to the FBI and others that were provided to the FBI by third parties,” Horowitz wrote. “The FBI obtained reports directly from Steele during the time period of July through October 2016.” Steele personally delivered the first report to his FBI handler, Michael Gaeta, during a meeting in Rome in July 2016.

Gaeta, according to his testimony summarized in the Horowitz report, knew the initial report had political motivations. Nonetheless, Steele sent another report to Gaeta on July 19, 2016 with the subtitle, “Secret Kremlin Meetings Attended by Trump Advisor Carter Page in Moscow,” alleging Page discussed lifting Russian sanctions with a top Russian energy magnate.

On September 19, 2016, the Crossfire Hurricane team received those reports and four more authored by Steele. Gaeta then organized an early October meeting between Steele and members of the Crossfire Hurricane team in Rome. “Unknown to the FBI at the time, Steele was working with his client, Fusion GPS, to alert select media outlets about his reporting concerning Russian interference with the 2016 U.S elections and allegations regarding the Trump campaign and candidate Trump,” Horowitz reported. Even so, Crossfire Hurricane officials shared details about the probe to Steele, including classified information, during that meeting.

After the meeting, Steele not only continued to send reports to the FBI through his “middleman,” Michael Gaeta, he also met with top officials in John Kerry’s State Department.

Quite the man about town.

Thanks to Steele’s successful courting of influential journalists such as Michael Isikoff, the Trump-Russia collusion narrative gained traction just weeks before Election Day 2016. The FBI filed its first FISA application on October 21, 2016 using Steele’s “dossier” and Isikoff’s Yahoo News article as evidence to convince the FISA court that Carter Page was a suspected foreign agent of Russia.

Then Steele’s hubris finally caught up with him. After David Corn published a bombshell article, “A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump,” in Mother Jones on October 31, 2016, Steele admitted to the FBI he had been Corn’s source. While the FBI officially scuttled Steele as an informant, “the Crossfire Hurricane team continued to obtain information from Steele” through Bruce Ohr, a top Justice Department official whose wife, Nellie, also worked for Fusion GPS on the anti-Trump project.

But Christopher Steele is a symptom, not a cause, of what ails the FBI. The nation’s top law enforcement agency—by employing untrustworthy informants at taxpayer expense, peddling garbage documents throughout government agencies, and leaking classified information—flagrantly involves itself in U.S. elections on behalf of the Democratic Party. The concocted plot to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer last year is the most recent example.

Stephanopoulos might temporarily succeed in refurbishing Steele’s reputation. It’s the FBI, however, that is in need of a desperate, and likely futile, major makeover.

Just scuttle the top management into a dark prison. The nation would be better off.

And if they could put Christopher Steele UNDER said prison...that would be really nice!

"The Russians (Deripaska) really did have leverage and blackmail… but it wasn’t over Donald Trump. Factually, Oleg had blackmail on Comey, McCabe and the DOJ/FBI conspiracy crew. Oleg Deripaska must be kept away from congress and away from exposing the scheme.

Guess who else must be controlled and/or kept away from congress? Yup, Julian Assange. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has evidence the Russians didn’t hack the DNC.

Between Deripaska’s first-hand knowledge of the DOJ/FBI work on both the Dossier and the DOJ/FBI intention for his use as a witness; and Julian Assange’s first-hand knowledge of who actually took the DNC email communication;… well, the entire Russian narrative could explode in their faces.

Control is needed. Control is a reaction to fear.

You can almost hear the corrupt U.S. Intelligence officials calling their U.K. GCHQ partners in Britain and yelling at them to do something, anything, and for the love of God, shut down Assange’s access to the internet STAT. Yeah, funny that."
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Comey is so friggin D.I.R.T.Y. IT IS PATHETIC...


CHRISTOPHER STEELE is a lying POS and a laughing joke throughout MI-5 ( where my info comes from)...his MI-6 days were filled with multiple inconsistent actions and false statements... alleDgEdly

Christopher Wray is a joke. He goes the company line and lies through his teeth... alleDgEdly
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