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LeeBot has a violent side!
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So this is what a little brotherly gesture gets you around here, mailbox destruction and a serious case of what-to-smoke-first anxiety!

- Ashton Casa Fuente Aged Maduro, nh
- EZ 9yr Anniversary, nh
- LCA Ladykiller by Southern Draw, nh
- '07 Royal Jamaica Oro Rojo, have one but haven't smoked it yet so it's another nh
- Cuban Stock Extra, nh
- Tat Cojonu 2012 Sumatra, nh
- Tat Jibaro, nh
- Four Kicks Casa Especial Agvilas LE, nh
- LCA La Parmedo, nh
- LCA Mr Robot Fumador, nh
- EPC Pledge Prequel, nh
- Trinidad Espiritu, nh
- '07 Perdomo Squared, nh
- 601 La Bomba Flash Bang, nh
All wrapped up securely along with a nice note that identified each smoke.

What the hell? 14 smokes and I haven't had any of 'em, a couple I haven't even heard of. Now that's some serious n00b on n00b violence!

Very well done, Lee, and very much appreciated! I look forward to enjoying every one of these. Beer
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I see the mods have finally approved my post.
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that's a lotta goodness right there...nice smackdown of a great botl
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mjrburn wrote:
I see the mods have finally approved my post.

Niiiice! ThumpUp

MR - next time, for quicker approval, send some cupcakes to CBid HQ. Whistle
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Don't make me list out all the stuff you sent me. "a little brotherly gesture" my @ss. He bombed the chit out of me then plays all "I'm victim ova hea!"
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That is a brutality indeed but, you deserve it bruddah
NH a prequel? !
That's first then
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As if this wasn't enough, dude blindsided me with another selection of six beauties...all never hads!

- LCA Xhaxhi Bobi Halloween
- LCA My Blue Heaven
- LCA Exclusive Fruit Leathers
- LCA Exclusive Room 101 Murder Hornet
- Nomad Hold My Beer & Watch This
- Villager TAA 2020

Don't know what I did to deserve this, Lee, but I really do appreciate it my brother! All will be enjoyed in the very near future. Thank you!!!
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