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Globalist Lizard Peeps at International Energy Agency wants LOCKDOWNS
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That freak Biden is probably on-board with this SAVE THE PLANET from existential CRISIS.
Same with other CLIMATE COMMIES like nasty Nancy Pelosi because it's FOR THE CHILDREN...snicker snicker.

Globalist Agency Calls for Energy Lockdowns including Banning Cars on Sundays to Achieve Climate Goals

By Jim Hoft
Published March 20, 2022

The globalist International Energy Agency (IEA) is calling for energy lockdowns as the price of gas and oil skyrockets.

Months after the destructive and deadly COVID lockdowns the IEA is calling for new lockdowns on the general public such as banning cars on Sunday and only allowing certain license registered vehicles on the road on certain days.

The globalist rules would once again decimate the third world nations where people don’t have the luxury of working from home or taking weekends off.

But the globalists don’t care. It’s for the greater good.

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