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It is not good to be the Empire of Lies
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Are you tired of being lied to? Some of us laugh off the lies as so stupid that we mock the dimwits who soak up the lies that just happen to fit their ideological bend, because discovering the truth may not even be a consideration to them.
Politicians, bureaucrats, and their toadies including big tech and the mainstream media lie to us every day. POTUS Joey B. is a legendary liar from way back, though some people never noticed or cared. He's still at it as are all the other career liars.
If you question their obvious falsehoods, they'll ignore you, or accuse you of spreading misinformation, sick their lapdogs on you and try to silence you.

The Empire of Lies
By Vasko Kohlmayer

April 11, 2022

It has been said that America has become an Empire of Lies.

Difficult as it may be to accept, this allegation is true. To deny this would be to fool ourselves.

The truth is that over the last several decades America’s elites have erected a system in which lies permeate every aspect of our societal life.

Everywhere we turn, we encounter lies. We have now arrived at a point where nearly all our public institutions operate on lies: the government, media, education system, arts, military and even sports.

A recent event is emblematic of the Empire of Lies in which we live.


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His head was an hour-glass; it could stow an idea, but it had to do it a grain at a time, not the whole idea at once.
- MT
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Yeah... I think if the Republicans win the majority back in November, it is NOT looking good for Joe or his boy Hunter.
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Joe $TRANO$a and Barry Obama" the greenlighting PRIIICK" would be in jail if they had a full blown congressional hearing/ investigation on all the FBI's dealings since 2008....


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I agree with you.

Good thing I have an annual physical coming up. Sumpin' might be off... LOL
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Let me tell you what really happened. Usually when I go to bed, I have milk and cookies. And One night I had some low-fat milk and some pasteurized, And I mixed them together. And I dipped my cookie and the sh1t blew up.
- Richard Pryor
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