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TrumP "marK esPeR was a lightweight" ......
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Mark esPeR trump's second DEFENSE SECRETARY has a new book coming out and it's not too nice to TrumP...

He said trump wanted to send cruise missiles into Mexico to blow up cartel drug labs...and cut of Muslim terrorist heads and dunk them in P.I.G.'s BLOOD as a deterrent to terrorists....



"espers was a lightweight, I learned that early on...he was a figure head in name only, "I" Had to run the military, he couldn't do it...he was a RHINO...on and on, he was w.e.a.k., weak, weakkkkk"
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Why can't Trump go to the White House anymore? It's for Biden
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Trump leaned into the swamp pretty heavily for a guy that ran against the swamp.
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^ yup
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The swamp will swallow you whole before you can drain it.
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Esper's book is tanking...

The best lines have been exposed , now no need to read it or buy it ...

Kinda like doctor Jill's book

They are both lightweights
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