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Carolina Panthers
bassman45 Offline
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Really? A transgender cheerleader 🤮
MACS Offline
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The insanity continues.
Speyside2 Offline
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It seems pointless to me.
HockeyDad Offline
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Go Panthers! Love it!

(My pronouns are he, his, and Le)
ZRX1200 Offline
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Looking at the picture she sure is ripped, and the outty is prolly bigger than the cans.
tailgater Offline
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When the Patriots first introduced their male cheerleaders, it was met with a collective shrug.
Colleges have dudes doing it, so who cares?

But then it became obvious that the dudes weren't there to build a better pyramid or toss the hotties higher.
They were doing the very same cheers the bimbos did. And they look ridiculous.
Probably set the gay movement back a decade.

So it was just a matter of time before they'd graduate to the next letter of the alphabet.

But nobody could see this coming:
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