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Ban this thing…..
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Ban the scary black rifle.

If you don’t do/support _________ you’re a POS.

It’s for the children! Well the born ones.

The level of screw ups on this and look at what the public square talk is.
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After the debacle in Parkland it became apparent that there is a political component bred into these type of shootings. It/s been going on for decades and traces back to Chicago.

1. The cops already are aware or know of said shooter and that they're dangerous.

2. Local municipalities are bought into the Obama era PROMISE training.

3. Schools are this mythical "gun free zone", yet they get turned into swiss cheese every damned time.

Police running away or hiding from active shooters flies in the face of "To Protect and Serve". It's cowardice and needs to be charged as dereliction of duty. We're not getting better at this but I do like that in Florida...we don't mention the name of the deranged individual that decides a gun is the way to take care of business in a school.
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Anonymity should be a nationwide policy. I can't help believing there's an element of seeking notoriety in these cases. And conversely, when's the last time you saw an in depth news story about anyone who's managed to take out one of these pieces of chit?
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